3 zodiac signs that don’t know how to be friends

3 zodiac signs that don’t know how to be friends

Female friendship is the subject of many jokes, disputes and disagreements, especially among men. After all, it is no secret that many young ladies are so insidious that they weave intrigues without remorse, spread rumors, and sometimes compete with each other. Of course, there are pleasant exceptions.

At the same time, astrologers are convinced that representatives of some zodiac signs are absolutely not created for friendly relations. After all, the life principle of the type “together in fire and water” is not close to them. In this article Edition “With Taste” will tell you about three signs of the zodiac, which absolutely do not know how to be friends. But this trait is not evil either. Below we understand why.

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These signs of the zodiac more often than others realize their talents in creativity, career or family relationships. But in terms of friendship, they have their own opinion, different from everyone else.


Friendship for women of this sign is far from an obligatory attribute of their life. They are too self-sufficient, independent, stubborn and self-confident. In addition, the Aries lady always knows best of all what and to whom to do. She will not tolerate someone else’s opinion, criticism or advice. Such young ladies do not know how to accept any help and do not particularly support others in difficult times. Representatives of this sign may not answer calls for a long time, and then unsubscribe that they will get in touch when they are in the mood.

a lion

Leo ladies are too self-centered. They will never accept someone else’s superiority. If competition arises in friendship, lionesses will not stand it: after all, it is they who should always be on top. Unhealthy jealousy and a love of talking behind their backs finally discourage the desire to be friends with them. Their praise of their own merits borders on megalomania. Lions will never be friends with those who do not praise them and do not flatter them. Most often they surround themselves with “birds” singing praises for them.


Pisces girls are not able to listen to other people’s complaints, while they themselves whine literally over trifles. These sensitive ladies are too touchy and receptive to listen to comments addressed to them. They get upset easily, so it’s never hard to be as honest and open as possible when talking to them. Pisces rarely open up completely, even to their closest ones. At the same time, such women have all the makings to become devoted and loyal friends, they just don’t really need it.

The stars advise you to believe these three signs with the utmost caution. But, of course, you should not take this article at face value. After all, not everything in this world is based on horoscopes. Do you believe in female friendship? Write in the comments! We also recommend reading the following material – a psychological test, after passing which you will receive wise advice.

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