A quick brain age test

A quick brain age test

The age of your mind may be the same as the number you see on your passport, or it may be very different from it. Not everyone of the same age thinks alike. Visual brain age test this will prove it to you.

Depending on your worldview and life experience, you will see certain silhouette in the picture below. Trust your first impression and don’t look at the drawing for 5-10 minutes. The main thing is to answer sincerely. Since it is the first silhouette you see in the picture that will accurately determine your mental age and the characteristics of your character.

Psychological test for brain age: quick decoding


If you saw birds first in the image, then your mind from 20 to 40 years. You can be called the embodiment of simplicity. You are the kind of person who hates to complicate things. You manage to behave as simply and naturally as possible both in your personal life and at work. By the way, the experience you gained taught you not to take risks, but to wait for the most favorable moment in order to avoid troubles.

It is worth noting that you are always true to your principles. It is not common for you to break your word given to someone, since this is a matter of honor. In addition, you are an incredibly loyal friend and colleague who can be relied upon (without any fear).

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Man’s face

Did you first see a man’s face in the image? This indicates that your brain from 40 to 60 years. You are a little old-fashioned and conservative. Loved ones very often turn to you for advice. After all, they trust your experience. It is very difficult for you to get along with people, and you trust only a few.

You don’t like being the center of attention. Also, you do not strive to take leadership positions. After all, the main thing for you is stability. One of your main traits is patience. You skillfully smooth out rough edges and avoid disputes. In truth, there is nothing worse for you than conflict situations. Because you think that they are not worth wasting your time and energy on.

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We advise you to take another optical test, which will show what you lack in life for complete happiness. Look carefully at the picture and say what you saw in it: a dark-haired woman or a man’s face. The silhouette that your eyes caught first will tell you a lot of interesting things about you.

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