A quick test of ingenuity and logic

A quick test of ingenuity and logic

To quickly solve professional and everyday problems, you need to be able to think logically. However, according to research, this ability is well developed only in a fifth of the planet’s population. To obtain all possible benefits from using logical thinking, it must be constantly developed. Fast test of ingenuity will just help with this. Completing it will show how developed your logic is.

Try to solve a problem that sixth graders can solve. We warn you, find the correct answer in 7 seconds Only 19% of Internet users succeeded. Can you solve the puzzle in the same time?

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Tricky test of ingenuity: try your hand

Parking puzzle

Take a close look at the diagram of the parking lot. It seats 6 people. Only one of them is occupied. The parking space number is not visible under the car. You need to guess what he is.

Most adults immediately begin using various calculations and equations to find the answer. But they do not bring them any benefit. And all because there is no need to calculate the correct number. You just need to turn the image over and the answer will be in front of you. Missing parking space numberwhat is hidden under the car: 87.

How to develop logic

Having passed this aptitude test, you didn’t have time to invest in 7 seconds? In this case, we advise you to upgrade your skills thanks to in simple and effective waysthat will help with this:

  • Crosswords. Solve them, thereby training your memory and thinking. Both verbal and digital crosswords (for example, the Japanese Sudoku puzzle) are suitable for this purpose.
  • Chess. This game helps you learn to calculate your actions several steps ahead. This skill will definitely help both in work and in your personal life.
  • Detectives. Reading books of this genre with a good plot helps develop logical thinking. Trying to independently identify the criminal, the viewer tracks cause-and-effect relationships, which is very useful in everyday life.
  • Anagrams. Coming up with words that are formed by rearranging letters in other words contributes to the development of logic.

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With the help of such simple methods, which should be used regularly, you can see nice jump up: logical thinking will become more developed, and ingenuity will work much better.

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