Apple Savior in 2023: the date of the holiday, traditions and beliefs

Apple Savior in 2023: the date of the holiday, traditions and beliefs

Apple Savior is the second of three important church holidays in August. The first is Makovei or Honey Savior (August 14). The Third Savior (Bread, Nut or Linen) is celebrated on August 29 (after the end of the fast and the Assumption of the Virgin). And here Transfiguration of the Lord or Apple Savior August 19 has been celebrated for centuries.

This important church date is distinguished by special solemnity. On this day, the clergy in the church serve in white clothes. Priests read a special prayer for the consecration of the harvest, which is brought by parishioners. What to put in the basket and how to celebrate Apple Spas in 2023read the article prepared edited by “With Taste”.

What is forbidden to do on Apple Spas

As with most religious holidays, any hard work, cleaning around the house or household is prohibited on Apple Spas. Harvesting in the garden is also undesirable – this must be done a day or two before the holiday. Also on this day do not throw away any vegetables and fruits (even rotten or spoiled) – this is considered a bad omen. According to beliefs, you can easily bring illness and failure on yourself.

In addition, on August 19, it is strictly forbidden to eat meat, milk, fatty foods and strong drinks. Such restrictions are associated with the Dormition Fast, which begins on August 14 and lasts for two weeks. However, you can still drink some red wine.

On this bright holiday, it is strictly forbidden to eat unconsecrated apples. This mainly applies to girls and women: those who have eaten such a fruit take on Eve’s sins. Also on this day it is not recommended to knit, sew and embroider.

What to consecrate in the church on Apple Savior

From time immemorial, apples and other gifts of nature were placed in a festive basket: nuts, pears, plums, grapes, apricots, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, onions, and so on.

As well as on Honey Spas, it was possible to dedicate fresh honey. It was a good tradition to water the consecrated pieces of apples with liquid lime or buckwheat honey. Be sure to treat your children with such a delicacy – it is many times tastier and healthier than any sweets. allowed for consecration and pies with apples, poppy seeds, cabbage and other fillings. The main thing is that everything should be lean.

After consecration, the contents of the basket were always treated to children, relatives, friends and just people who met on the way home. Also in the Apple Savior, it is customary to make preparations for the winter from apples: dry or sour apples, make jam, compotes and jam. For the festive table, you can cook various lean desserts with apples, nuts and honey (pancakes, strudel, pies). It is strictly forbidden to consecrate and consume any alcoholic beverages, eggs, cheese and meat products.

On the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord, you should not slander, swear, offend people and animals. To Apple Spas you can’t even hurt insects. It was believed that if a fly lands on your hand twice, this is a very good sign. You can’t drive her away – she must fly away herself.

Signs for Apple Spas

  • What is the weather like on Apple Savior – it will be the same on Pokrov.
  • Sunny and dry day – to a warm autumn.
  • The bees are swarming – wait for the rain.
  • An abundance of starlings on trees – by frosty January.
  • The grain harvest must be harvested before the Apple Savior, otherwise the first rain will ruin everything.

What to do on Apple Spas

The consecration of young apples on August 19 is the most ancient tradition of this holiday. Fruits consecrated for the Transfiguration are considered truly healing. They must be eaten. It is also customary to share the consecrated harvest with neighbors and close relatives.

On this day, it is recommended to give alms. You can carry food not only to the church: any opportunity to help or feed the needy will be rewarded by higher powers. It is believed that the more good a person does on this day, the more good will return to him. Important: on the eve of the holiday, you need to do a general cleaning in order to meet the Apple Savior clean and tidy!

There is one more tradition on Apple Savior, promising a good harvest next season. To do this, you need to go out into the field, collect a large bunch of wheat ears and tie the bouquet with red thread. Accompany your actions should be cheerful folk songs. At the following link you can see complete calendar of church holidays for 2023.

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