Autumn game for attention

Autumn game for attention

Optical illusions have long intrigued humanity, challenging our perception of the world around us and calling into question the integrity of our senses. They charm and entertain us, and sometimes even draw attention to our absent-mindedness and vision problems. An excellent example of this would be autumn gamewhich our editors are happy to share with their beloved readers.

The authors of a popular Indian web publication were the first to share this amusing outdoor illusion. They invited their subscribers to find 6 pumpkins hidden in the park. But finding them turned out to be not so easy. That is why the game very quickly became popular far beyond the Indian resource.

Autumn game for children and adults

This optical illusion demonstrates that most people have difficulty noticing several specific objects if their color matches the background tone. What are we talking about? Let’s find out!

Find 6 pumpkins in the autumn park!

Ready to play? To complete the task, the spectator must close his eyes and open them only when he is ready to begin. To be fair, set a timer for 10 seconds.


How many pumpkins did you find?

According to the data provided in the original source, if you found all 6 pumpkins the first time, then you have surpassed 85% of those who tried to do it.

Not all pumpkins have been discovered?

No problem! If you haven’t found all the pumpkins, look carefully at the picture again. Examine the areas where the trees are and the center of the image.

Still nothing? If you need help, please see the following picture. There you will find out where 6 pumpkins were hiding.

This optical illusion of pumpkins hidden in an autumn park easily explains how we interact with art and nature. It encourages our participation in learning about our environment, enhancing our perception and understanding of the natural world.

If you are looking for an exciting adventure for you and your child that combines art and nature, come to your nearest park. Determine for yourself what typically fall items you will be looking for there. Perhaps it will be pumpkins too!

Well, if you prefer optical illusions, follow the link! We’ve got something to keep you busy for the next few minutes!

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