Bathroom renovation: 7 common mistakes

Bathroom renovation: 7 common mistakes

You surely know that bathroom renovation can be quite expensive and time consuming. But in order to avoid this, you need to properly think through all the details and nuances in the work of the masters. For example, putting a free-standing bathtub in a tiny bathroom is at least impractical.

As well as having a sufficiently large quadrature, place cabinets, a shower room, a toilet bowl with a washbasin in one corner. In any repair, you need to take into account all the little things, and even more so in the bathroom: everything should be comfortable, aesthetic and durable. In this article Edition “With Taste” Learn how to avoid common bathroom renovation mistakes.

Renovating a bathroom: common mistakes

Believe me, even the most scrupulous approach does not save you from errors. Next, we talk about the most common bathroom repair mistakes and how to minimize them.

Lighting and sockets

As a rule, one light source in the bathroom is not enough. An excellent option would be to hang a mirror with built-in lighting above the washbasin. It is better to choose overhead lamps with a closed cover.

If you plan to use a hair dryer, iron or electric toothbrush, then bring out sockets for all this. Don’t forget the washing machine too! Wiring is always done before finishing the walls and laying the floor.

The bathroom should have special sockets with a cover. Yes, they cost a little more, but at the same time you will not worry that water can get somewhere in the wrong place.

Proper bathroom installation

Almost all modern bathtubs are made with a special angle of inclination so that the water flows freely into the drain. Additionally, this slope is not worth it. Sometimes acrylic bathtubs are equipped with rather fragile sides. In this case, a frame is used. This question needs to be clarified at the stage of buying a bath.

Everyone knows that in the bathroom on an ongoing basis, water accumulates at the joints. Over time, you may encounter such a nuisance as mold (fungus). To avoid this, install a border. But it is better to refuse silicone – it is impractical and ugly. The best solution is a high-quality aesthetic border around the entire perimeter of the bathroom.

Plumbing, drain pipes, counters

Do not wall pipes into the wall! To hide them, it is enough to make a tiled box. It is better to install the lid on hinges. There is an option – on magnets, but they easily fly off. Avoid using corrugated pipes. They are very dusty, wash with difficulty and collect any dirt. The fewer knees you make, the less blockages there will be.

If your counters are located in the bathroom, then plan the renovation so that they are open to the public. The same applies to valves and faucets. The sink needs to be installed. according to your height.


High humidity in the bathroom requires appropriate materials. The best solution is porcelain stoneware or floor and wall tiles. If you choose textured, then in the future it will be bad to wash it. If you lay out a glossy one, then you can easily slip on it. Designers also do not recommend black and light tiles, as any stains and the slightest dust particles will be visible on it. Important: buy a tile with a margin (to replace a cracked one).

The light shade of the walls requires special care. Especially gray and blue. At the same time, too dark shades are also undesirable, since all the dirt is visible on them. What to choose? We recommend looking at beige, more pastel colors.

If you paint the walls in the bathroom with special paint, it will look quite stylish. However, over time, unpleasant marks from dirty hands, drips of water and soap will appear near the switches.

Towel dryer and ventilation

Don’t ignore this handy gadget, even if you have underfloor heating or an extra battery. The heated towel rail perfectly removes excess moisture, promotes instant drying of towels and all surfaces.

Even if your bathroom has a window, you should not remove the ventilation. Forced exhaust is best done so that it turns on only when the light is on.

Storage space

Before starting repairs, think carefully about where you will store your buckets, basins, household chemicals, floor rags, and more. It is best to draw a visual plan of the future bathroom.

Floor and ceiling

In an apartment building, it is better to refuse a warm floor. you for sure not happy with electricity bills. If you still decide to make a warm floor in the bathroom, then lay it not on the entire surface, but only where you walk. It is forbidden to lay under the washing machine and wooden furniture.

In the bathroom, the masters recommend making a matte stretch ceiling. It is inexpensive and practical. In the event of a water leak from the neighbors, it will save your bathroom from flooding. And such a ceiling is quite just wash. We do not recommend using drywall. It literally swells with moisture. If you still want to use it, then install at least powerful ventilation.

And finally: never agree on repairs with the master in words. Write everything on paper, pay for the work after the fact. This will ensure the completion of the repair and its quality. Earlier we also wrote how to wash the carpet without removing it from the floor.

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