Blue Moon August 31, 2023: what is this phenomenon and how to see it

Blue Moon August 31, 2023: what is this phenomenon and how to see it

The end of summer is almost always rich in astronomical phenomena. You should be especially careful on the night of August 30-31. Then the real one will rise in the sky Blue Moon. This rather rare event, with the right approach, gives a person energy and new opportunities.

In addition, it will also be a supermoon: the time when the Moon is at the closest distance to the Earth. Along with such an unusual full moon, the appearance of bright Saturn will also be observed. The Blue Moon itself will be 7% larger and about 15% brighter. What does this mean and what consequences to expect, tells Edition “With Taste”.

Blue Moon in 2023: what does this phenomenon mean

In fact, the moon will not be blue, but ordinary. blue tint tied with reflected light passing through the Earth’s atmosphere. The term “Blue Moon” comes from the famous English phrase “Once in a Blue Moon”. This expression is used when they want to talk about an event that happens extremely rarely or never at all. Given that such a full moon is not a frequent event, hence its name.

During the upcoming full moon, the moon may appear slightly larger and brighter. And it can be seen with the naked eye. Together with the Blue Moon, we will be able to observe the appearance of Saturn in the sky, which is visually located next to the Earth’s satellite. This gas giant will be located slightly above and to the right of the Moon.

In general, the Blue Moon happens about once every 2-3 years. She was last seen in August 2021. The next blue event will be in August 2024, May 2027 and August 2029.

What does the blue moon give

Usually there are 12 full moons in a year, but about once every 3 years there is an “extra” full moon, and there are 13 of them. Astrologers consider such an event to be truly special. Energetically this day will be one of the strongest of the year. The blue full moon will occur on the night of August 30-31, 2023 at 4:35 am Moscow time.

The ruler of this day will be the zodiac sign Pisces, which is responsible for intuition, spiritual growth and knowledge of sacred secrets. Therefore, the next Wednesday and Thursday is the most favorable time for creative and creative people. For many, some hidden talent may even be revealed at this time. Those who are inspired in life will have the opportunity to fulfill themselves in a great way. Presentations of their achievements and successes will be a great success. Writers, artists, musicians and photographers, August 31 is truly your day. Feel free to express yourself, and the world will definitely pay attention to you.

You can also get valuable clues from the universe. The Blue Moon along with Pisces will give us a lot of signs. The main thing is to consider them in time and correctly interpret them. On this day, even the most radical skeptics will sharpen their intuition. If you relax and tune in to the flow of incoming information, you can resolve many pressing issues and problems.

The rising of the Blue Moon is not only about self-realization, but also about making plans. Laid on August 31, 2023, the foundation of future projects will bring you creative pleasure and good profit. If there is a need to shout, cry or speak out, do not hold yourself back. Everything that is bursting inside you must be released into the wild.

Also, on the last day of summer, something that you did not expect at all can happen. It can be a fateful meeting or rare luck. The motto of this day is “everything impossible is possible”. Even the most daring desires can become your reality. The water signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio will feel this especially strongly.

What to Avoid During a Blue Moon

This day will bring high emotional instability. In this regard, real quarrels and conflicts can flare up out of the blue. Caution: on this day, all your words will be transferred to third parties, and in a distorted form. Subsequently, this can lead to a protracted hostility.

The desire to have a heart-to-heart can also be unsafe or even fatal. Postpone serious conversations for the next day, or better for a week. All your internal resources should be used exclusively for peaceful purposes. Any quarrel on the last day of summer will turn into a source of trouble for you for a long time.

Small children are especially sensitive to various kinds of lunar vibrations, so on this day they can be too capricious, giving their parents a lot of trouble. We advise you to be more restrained in relation to them, the next day it will be easier for everyone!

According to astrologers, August 31, 2023 is expected to be enough high traffic accidents. It is better not to drive at all on this day. As with any technique, it should be treated with special attention and caution. It is not recommended to change jobs or go to organizations related to money matters.

Unfortunately, under the influence of the Blue Moon not the most pleasant secrets can “reveal”. Particularly vulnerable individuals can plunge into self-flagellation, deep introspection and addiction. But it is better to deal with the accumulated baggage of internal contradictions in the company of a professional psychotherapist.

How to change your life for the better

If there is a feeling that you have been marking time for a long time or are tired of the same events, you can enter the desired reality (symbolically). To do this, you need any door. The door of a shopping center, government agency or public transport will do. Imagine that the place where you are now is a fork, and the door in front of you is a magical portal, after passing through which you will find yourself in the desired reality.

Think over a new life in advance and to the smallest detail. It will be great if your sensations become so saturated that you catch all the tastes, smells, sounds and colors. Next, formulate your personal request and repeat it three times. Take a deep breath and go through the doors of your choice. Important: try to never go through them again, otherwise everything will return to normal.

You can also change the trajectory of your life path with the help of new shoes. When buying a pair of shoes, ask three times that it will lead you to your desired goal in the best and safest way. After that, the “spellbound” thing should be worn as often as possible. But it’s better to say goodbye to old or boring shoes: give her the task of taking everything unnecessary from your life, cutting off hard roads from you. This rite helps a lot in situations where a person is too attached to something, suffers from it and is unable to get out of the vicious circle.

If you have long wanted to leave the place where you are now, then on the day of the Blue Moon, place your shoes with socks to the door – this will attract a long-awaited move into your life. And vice versa: if you want to stay where you are, turn the toes of your shoes inside the room. Earlier we wrote how to recognize psychic abilities in yourself.

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