Braised cabbage with meat in a saucepan

Braised cabbage with meat in a saucepan

Preparation description:

You can cook stewed cabbage with meat in a saucepan for both lunch and dinner. A very tasty version of this appetizing dish is suitable for every day and will appeal to both children and adults. To make the cabbage juicy and silky, I recommend taking a mature head of cabbage, not young cabbage. Young is too thin in texture and the taste will end up a little different. But in a duet of winter “head” and meat, preferably pork – you get an insanely tasty dish! Eat and don’t want to stop!

Prepare all ingredients.

Heat up a frying pan with oil and lay out the meat cut into pieces. I have pork, but you can take beef or poultry.

Fry the meat over high heat until a light brown crust appears.

Add randomly chopped onions and carrots, as well as your favorite spices. Cook for about 5 minutes.

When the vegetables are soft, add the bell pepper, chopped into small strips.

Cook everything together for about 2-3 more minutes.

Chop the cabbage, add a pinch of salt and remember with your hands. So the cabbage will release the juice and become softer.

Transfer the cabbage to a saucepan, add salt, sugar, bay leaf and the contents of the pan. Pour in 50-100 ml. water, mix and simmer over low heat until the desired degree of readiness of the cabbage.

Braised cabbage with meat in a saucepan is ready.

Bon appetit!

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