Bright puzzles in pictures: autumn selection

Bright puzzles in pictures: autumn selection

Recently, our editors shared with you a selection of interesting mindfulness tasks from the Hungarian artist Gergely Dudas, who works under the pseudonym Dudolf. Many users liked their solution, so we are publishing more 3 colorful puzzles in pictures from this author.

We hope that these activities, in shades of colors such as red, orange and yellow, will give you autumn mood. Test how observant you are. To do this, try to find the fruits of autumn (pumpkin, pear and apples) in three pictures in half a minute.

Puzzles in pictures with an autumn mood

It’s time to sharpen your eyesight

  1. In the first drawing, the author depicted a large number of turkeys with magnificently spread tails. You need to find among them the filigree disguised pumpkin – a symbol of autumn. Can you find it in less than 10 seconds? Let’s check.
  2. In this picture you can see many red birds, differing in their very small size. Among them Gergely Dudas hid 3 apples, which are almost impossible to find without full concentration. Can you find all the fruits?
  3. The third illustration, like the previous ones, is made in autumn colors. It depicts a vegetable garden in complete chaos. Can you find two camouflaged silhouettes among the corn cobs and birds? You have 10 seconds to search for pear and hamstershown in one copy.

Let’s share the clues

  1. Are you wondering where Dodolph hid the pumpkin? Pay attention to the lower right corner of the picture. There you can see the top of this autumn fruit, which was not so easy to find.
  2. Finding red apples whose color is identical to the color of the birds is a task with an asterisk. Did you see the leaves of the fruit, which could be used to identify the hidden fruits?
  3. The third problem, designed for the most keen-eyed, can make you sweat. Did you find it as difficult to find the pear and hamster that were shown on the right side of the picture as it was for 91% of other users?

To improve your ability to notice even the smallest details, we advise you to take a quick test. Look carefully at the picture of three children and determine which of them broke the jam jar. Find the culprit and feel like a real Sherlock Holmes.

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