caramelized bananas

caramelized bananas

Preparation description:

If you don’t like the flavor of cinnamon, substitute vanilla or skip it altogether. Choose bananas that are firm so that they do not spread or lose their shape when fried.

Prepare all the necessary ingredients for making caramelized bananas.

Melt in a heavy bottomed pan over low heat and add sugar. Shaking the pan, spread the sugar over the entire surface. Continue heating sugar until melted and golden brown.

Gently stirring, sprinkle with cinnamon, pour hot water into sugar and cook until caramelized for another minute. When pouring water, the mass may boil and splash, be careful.

Peel bananas and cut into slices 2-2.5 centimeters thick. Place bananas in skillet.

Fry banana slices for one minute on each side. Remove the skillet from the heat and arrange the finished caramelized bananas on plates.

Bon appetit!

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