Chinese Five Spice Mixture

Chinese Five Spice Mixture


Cooking time:

15 minutes

“Five Spice” is a traditional Chinese mixture “Wuxiangmian”. It combines five basic tastes – salty, sweet, spicy, bitter and sour. A perfect balance that will suit many dishes.

Description of preparation:

The main ingredients for this spice are listed here, although others may be added in different regions of China. Sometimes it includes up to 20 spices and it will still be called “Five Spice”. The product must be stored in a well-sealed container and then it can be stored for up to six months.


  • Sichuan pepper

    2 teaspoons

  • Cinnamon

    1 Thing (wand)

  • Star anise

    2 Pieces (star)

  • Carnation

    1 Tea spoon (bud)

  • Fennel

    1 Tea spoon (grains)

Number of servings


Calorie content

277 kcal

Calorie content

Nutritional value per 100g.

How to make “Chinese Five Spice Blend”

Prepare all the necessary ingredients to make the Chinese Five Spice Blend.

Place the spices in a dry frying pan and heat over low heat until fragrant, then remove from the heat and cool. Grind everything in a mortar or coffee grinder. Transfer the mixture to a dry container and cover tightly.

Delicious use!

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