Chokeberry jam with walnuts

Chokeberry jam with walnuts

Description of preparation:

The jam keeps well at room temperature even after opening. Be sure to fry the nuts, this will add flavor to the jam and protect the preparation from fermentation. Along with the apples, you can add lemon with zest, but without the white part.

Prepare all the necessary ingredients to make chokeberry and walnut jam for the winter. Wash the apple, dry it, remove the berries from the branches, sort them, rinse and dry.

Pour water into a bowl for making jam and add sugar. Place everything over medium heat and bring to a boil, simmer for two minutes until smooth.

Place the chokeberry berries into the syrup and cook for 15 minutes, skimming off the foam.

Cut the apples into slices, removing the core, and add to the berries.

Cook the jam for another 20 minutes.

Chop the walnuts and fry in a dry frying pan. Add nuts to the bowl of jam and stir.

Cook the jam for another 15 minutes or until desired thickness. Place the hot jam into dry, sterilized jars, close and turn upside down until cool. After this, put it away for storage.

Happy preparations!

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