Colorful puzzles with fruits and berries

Colorful puzzles with fruits and berries

Over the course of several years, Gergely Dudas, a talented Hungarian illustrator, has been creating colorful puzzles with fruits, animals and all kinds of objects. These bright pictures help you test your own attentiveness and improve it.

Our editors have made for you a selection of the most interesting puzzles from Gergely Dudas (better known under the pseudonym Dudolf). You need to concentrate and find everything hidden fruits on the images. Try to spend no more than 15 seconds solving each puzzle. Good luck!

Bright fruit puzzles: top five

What is the essence of the tasks?

  1. In the first picture you can see a lot of tomatoes on a green background. Take a close look at the fruits and try to find among them 3 apples. Where are the fruits hidden?
  2. Taking a quick look at this image, you might think that there are only pineapples and a few mice in it. In fact, rodents are present in this picture for only one reason: the author hid 4 corn.
  3. In the third drawing, the illustrator depicted cute bears, the color of which is very similar in color to the color of a coconut shell. This is the whole difficulty of the puzzle. Can you find it in the picture? 3 coconuts?
  4. First, take a close look at the large number of interesting kiwi birds (wingless). Then try to find cleverly disguised berries. Where the author posted 4 kiwi fruits?
  5. In this most colorful photo you can see bright yellow chickens. But not only chicks are depicted in the picture. You can also find there 5 lemons. Can you do it?

Where were the fruits hidden?

  1. Apples could be found by a peculiar stalk with a leaf, which distinguished the fruit from tomatoes.
  2. Did you manage to find all the ears of corn among the huge number of pineapples?
  3. Perhaps the most attentive ones had to work hard to find coconuts hidden among the bears.
  4. It is quite easy to notice a kiwi berry among flightless birds at maximum concentration.
  5. We show you where the bright lemons have been hidden all this time.

If you liked solving this type of puzzle, don’t stop at this collection. Continue to improve your mindfulness with tasks like these. We previously shared two more picture puzzles. Compare images and find differences between them, thereby giving your brain a jolt.

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