Conversation with God: how to recognize clues from above

Conversation with God: how to recognize clues from above

“Why do I need all this?”, “How can I continue to live?” — looking for clues from above, similar questions are asked by people whose life is not going as smoothly as they would like. In this case Editorial “With Taste” suggests not to be discouraged, but to think carefully. If luck passes you by too often, then most likely the problem lies within you.

The fact is that there are unspoken laws that apply to every person and under any conditions. It is pointless to dispute them, since these truths have been formed over thousands of years. If you forget about these tips from above, you can literally lose everything: both material and intangible. Interesting? Read the details below.

How to recognize clues from above: 15 rules for a prosperous life

These simple rules will help you remember what is most important. They inspire you to feel like a truly happy person! And everything else will definitely arrive.

Rule #1

The Lord did not create man for suffering. After all, suffering is a useless activity, devoid of any meaning. Complain less, appreciate what you have! Always remember that there are those who have it much worse than you.

Rule #2

At birth, the Almighty gifts us with talents, strength and abilities. The gift of God must be used for the improvement of the world, as well as for helping those who need it. Improve yourself, develop your talents, do not forget to do good. By helping others, you help yourself.

Rule #3

Fill your life and the lives of your loved ones with love – this way you will attract financial well-being and favorable circumstances. This rule also works in the opposite direction – any negativity or aggression will only worsen the quality of your life.

Rule #4

Nothing is accidental – we shape our future with our words, thoughts and actions. Thus, you can easily guess whether you will be satisfied with your life or, on the contrary, you will only suffer. It depends entirely on you.

Rule #5

The fifth tip is directly related to the fourth: opinion shapes the event. Learn to think positively, don’t gossip and don’t be jealous. Over time, you will create a reality that will inspire and delight you. On the contrary, anger, irritability and pride attract only failures.

Rule #6

Whatever the circumstances around you, remain balanced, calm, and maintain a positive attitude. If you sincerely believe that everything will work out, then it will happen. Faith and hope is a huge driving force.

Rule No. 7

Somewhere deep down in your soul you already know the answers to the questions that interest you. The main task is to recognize in time the voice of goodness and justice in your heart.

Rule #8

Each of us can be saved with God’s help. Remember, the Almighty is in each of us. Find it within yourself, and then manifest its teachings in your surroundings.

Rule #9

No matter how bad our offenses are, the Lord loves each of us. The Bible says, “Seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you.” However, remember: you are always given what you need at that very moment.

Rule No. 10

Everything is mirrored. If you are not able to love yourself, then it will be difficult for others to do so. How you treat others is how they will treat you.

Rule No. 11

Often the reason for the “black streak” is not in other people or circumstances, but in ourselves. Thoughts and words of a destructive nature slowly poison our lives and prevent us from being fully happy.

Rule No. 12

Everything is already inside a person: respect, power, fame, and money. Our task is to release these benefits into the reality around us. And this is only possible if you keep God’s commandments.

Rule No. 13

“Know Yourself” – this philosophical statement can be applied in the reality around us. Just no soul-searching and literalism! Self-knowledge is the process of discovering talents, abilities and their practical application in the external environment.

Rule No. 14

Don’t divide people into “good” and “bad”. We are who God created us to be. And if your friend is bad for you personally, others may be quite happy with him. “Judge not, and you will not be judged!”

Rule No. 15

God has no such concepts as “punishment” or “guilt.” It is important to ask yourself not why, but why. Absolutely all difficulties are within our power. The best way to get on the right path is to constantly show love and care to yourself and your loved ones. Believe me, the Almighty does everything to keep our soul happy.

Take note of these tips from above and try to follow them regularly. And over time you will notice that your life only becomes brighter and more beautiful. And here How does a husband’s surname influence a woman’s fate?read the following material.

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