Curd cheese from frozen kefir

Curd cheese from frozen kefir

Preparation description:

Preparing curd cheese from frozen kefir is very simple. You just need to be patient, because it will take 16-20 hours. But the refrigerator will do all the work for you. It turns out a very tasty and tender dessert!

To prepare curd cheese, you need kefir with a fat content of at least 2.5%.

Send a bag of kefir to the freezer for 8-10 hours, and preferably at night. A glass bottle with kefir in the freezer may burst. Then take out the bag and cut it open.

Break the frozen kefir into pieces so that it is convenient to put it in a colander with gauze, which you place in a deep bowl or pan. Serum will flow into it. Cover the yogurt with a plate and put this design in the refrigerator for 8-9 hours. If you want to get a denser and thicker curd cheese, then cover the kefir with gauze, put a plate with a load in the form of a jar of water or jam on it.

After that, take the curd cheese out of the gauze and put it in a jar or on a plate. From 900 ml. kefir turns out 200-250 grams of curd cheese.

In addition to cheese, you will get another 500-600 ml. excellent whey that can be used in baking or just drink.

Curd cheese from frozen kefir is ready. Serve for breakfast or afternoon snack with honey, jam, any pastries.

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