Drain mesh: how to replace it

Drain mesh: how to replace it

The drain in the bathroom is most often clogged due to hair, in the kitchen – due to food debris and grease. The drain grid does not always save the situation. It’s really hard to find a really high quality product these days. Many drain grids have one amazing feature – fairly large holesthrough which an elephant can climb. Therefore, they cannot prevent clogging of the drain.

So that you do not have to clean a clogged drain, make a mesh for it from improvised means. To do this, you will need a simple stationery gum and a tea strainer. Interesting set, isn’t it?

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Grid for draining from improvised means: 2 options

Rubber band for money

Stationery gum can be used both for rewinding banknotes and for protecting the drain from various kinds of blockages. Everything is pretty simple. Place a rubber band in the tub drain so that it can prevent hair from getting in into the pipe. The method works! The main thing – remember that after the bath procedures you have carried out, the gum must be removed from the drain. You remove the hair, rinse it and send it back to the drain.

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tea strainer

You can prevent food debris from entering the drain using a regular tea strainer. Its diameter should match the size of the drain hole in the sink. Remove the handle with the loop from the strainer, which is very easy to do due to the weak fastening. Then take a regular awl. Using it, make a tea strainer in the center small hole. Then remove the rim, as it will prevent the product from sitting tightly in the drain valve.

Homemade filter is almost ready. Place the resulting mesh into the drain valve. Insert it in the usual way. Voila – the design does not allow even the smallest particles to penetrate into the drain.

Thanks to such simple devices, you will be able to forget about such a common problem as a clogged drain forever. Therefore, you will not have to spend money on plumbing services. Try to use rubber band for money and a tea strainer not for their intended purpose – the result will pleasantly surprise you! In a previous article, we talked about what most often clogs the drain in the sink. This material is required reading for those who have a clogged drain – a constant headache that haunts.

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