Eggplant in layers for the winter

Eggplant in layers for the winter

Preparation description:

Below I will tell you more about how to cook eggplant in layers for the winter. From the specified amount of products, a jar of 600 ml is obtained. In winter, such an appetizer perfectly diversifies the daily menu.

Prepare all ingredients.

Cut the eggplant into slices about 5-7 mm thick. Salt and leave for 20 minutes. Then rinse in cold water to remove salt.

Cut the tomatoes into slices 5 mm thick, peel the garlic and pass through a press.

Fry eggplants in a small amount of vegetable oil at high temperature.

In a clean, sterilized jar, layer the eggplant, garlic, and tomatoes. Lightly tamp the eggplants so that the jar is tightly filled.

Boil vegetable oil with salt, sugar and vinegar.

Immediately remove from the stove and pour the hot marinade into a jar. Cover with a lid.

Put a napkin on the bottom of the pan, put a jar and pour water up to the shoulders. Bring to a boil and sterilize for 10 minutes.

Then screw on the lid tightly and turn the jar upside down. Wrap in a towel and leave to cool completely.

After you can remove the workpiece in a cool place for storage. Eggplant layers for the winter are ready!

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