Freezing dill for the winter

Freezing dill for the winter

Preparation description:

Is it possible to freeze fresh dill for the winter? Not only possible, but necessary! Use it in the future in any dishes, you will practically not feel the difference. To make frozen dill crumbly and not turn into an ice lump, I recommend freezing dill in small bags. If you do not have such bags, then just freeze it in small portions, no more than 2-3 doses at a time. Such a freeze will not take up much space in the freezer and you will always have fragrant herbs at hand for your favorite dishes.

All you need for this recipe is fresh dill. I indicated the approximate weight, you take how much you have.

In our family, sticks and twigs from any fragrant greens are not accepted. Therefore, I will not use stems. How you do it, decide for yourself. We pluck the dill sprigs so that only bare stems remain.

I will not use the stems, but you can not throw them away, but use them later for canning or making soups. The aroma of the branches is even more intense.

Rinse dill under running water.

Now the dill must be dried. It is thanks to this that frozen dill will not stick together, but will remain as crumbly as fresh. Lay out a paper or any clean towel on a table or board. You can leave the dill for an hour or cover it with another towel and blot well several times to absorb excess moisture.

Then chop the dill with a sharp knife.

Divide the dill into bags, tamping it tightly. I use small ziplock bags. Be sure to let the air out when they are full. If you don’t have these bags, you can use regular or freeze dill in containers.

That’s all. Place dill in the freezer until needed.

In this form, not only useful substances are preserved, but also the characteristic taste and color of fresh fragrant dill remains.

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