Fruit salad “Dragon”

Fruit salad “Dragon”

Description of preparation:

For the salad, you can use any fruit you like. For example, tangerines or mangoes. Black grapes can be replaced with blueberries, and sweet cream cheese can be used instead of Greek yogurt.

Prepare all ingredients.

Cut banana, pear and apple into small cubes.

Season the salad with Greek yogurt, add sugar to taste and mix everything.

Arrange the salad in a semicircle shape. This will be the dragon’s body.

Cut the kiwi into thin slices.

Cover with kiwi slices to lay out the dragon’s body. If necessary, some of the circles can be cut in half.

Place grapes cut into halves on top, and cut out dragon legs from a piece of red apple.

Cut out horns and eyes for the dragon from black grapes, and ears from apples, secure them with skewers. Make the nose from two clove buds. Finally, add the apple wings and a piece of dragon tail.

Fruit salad “Dragon” is ready, bon appetit! Happy New Year!

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