Hake or pollock: which fish is healthier?

Hake or pollock: which fish is healthier?

More than once a customer in a store thought about whether to take hake or pollock. After all, these types of fish very similar. In addition, they are often confused. This is because both hake and pollock have white meat (with a creamy tint). It is also similar in structure. Today we will tell you how to distinguish between hake and pollock in the store and not make a bad choice.

If it is very important to you nutritional valuebenefits that eating fish can bring to the body, be sure to read today’s article. In it you will learn about all the beneficial properties of hake and pollock.

Hake or pollock: which fish is better to choose?

How to distinguish them

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If you purchase a frozen carcass, look at the scales (its color). Hake carcass slightly lighter than pollock. The second fish has spots of dark shades on the back, while the first fish does not have them. It is quite difficult to distinguish hake from pollock by fillet. It looks almost impossible to do this. The only difference is the structure, because pollock fillet is a little more layered.

Another difference between these two fish is the taste. But this will not help you find out when buying whose carcass is actually in front of you. Once you get home, you can taste the fish and understand whether you bought the right one or made a mistake. Remember that hake meat much sweeterthan pollock fillet.

Why is hake useful?

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After hake is caught, it is immediately processed so that the taste of the fish is not lost. Thanks to this, all beneficial properties are preserved. Hake has a very beneficial effect on the body. Its regular use helps improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Also hake promotes the removal of carcinogens from the body.

This fish rich in omega-3. These fatty acids help normalize thyroid function. They also help accelerate hair growth. If you want to have a strong immune system, be sure to include this fish in your diet.

Useful properties of pollock

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It should immediately be noted that pollock differs from hake in nutritional value. The fact is that the meat of this fish is considered dietary. It contains less caloriesthan in hake. At the same time, pollock helps to quickly saturate the body.

This fish contains many microelements, which help improve the condition of tooth enamel, as well as strengthen the nail plate. People who are deficient in iodine can include pollock in their diet to help eliminate this problem.

As you can see, these two types of fish are very healthy. Therefore, you can safely buy both hake and pollock. They will help you both have a tasty snack and saturate your body with essential microelements. But we advise people who want to cook lower-calorie fish to still buy hake.

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