Honey in combs: is it possible to eat beeswax

Honey in combs: is it possible to eat beeswax

Honey in combs has an incomparable floral aroma and a multifaceted taste. It fills the one who eats it with a summer mood. In addition, this product has a large number of useful properties. Honeycomb helps to improve peristalsis and enriches the body vitamin A.

Some, however, are still wary of the use of such a product. After all, in it contains beeswax, about the effect of which on the body of an ordinary buyer of honeycomb is not so much known. Is it dangerous or good for health?

Is it possible to use honey in combs

Properties of beeswax

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Experts unanimously declare that comb honey is extremely useful product. By chewing it, you fill your body with many nutrients. But after that, beeswax remains in the mouth, which does not dissolve. Many people wonder if it is possible to swallow it or not.

If there is honey in the combs in a small amount, then use of wax will not harm your health. This product, on the contrary, will help remove toxins from your body. But eating beeswax is best by following your doctor’s recommendations. In the absence of such a need, simply chew the honeycombs, extracting all the honey. And then spit out the wax.

How to buy quality honey

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According to experts, comb honey with wax can only be eaten if it is of high quality. To be sure of this, the product must be checked for authenticity. What you should pay attention to when buying:

  • absence of empty cells;
  • dry cell surface.

These two signs will help you choose the right quality honey. Therefore, be sure to inspect the condition of the cells before buying. Only in this way you will become the owner of healthy honey without any additives.

Who Shouldn’t Eat Beeswax

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Honey in the comb has many positive properties, but it also has contraindications for use (like any other product). Who should not include it in their diet to avoid the harmful effects?

  • Severe allergies are forbidden to eat honey, as it is on the list of the most serious allergens.
  • Children should not consume beeswax due to the large load on the stomach.
  • People with impaired functioning of the digestive tract or excretory system should also not eat this product.
  • Exclude honeycomb from the diet is also necessary for those who suffer from diabetes.
  • People whose body temperature has risen to 38 degrees and above should also not eat this sweet.

If you have no contraindications to the use of honeycomb, enjoy its taste without any fear. Cut the honeycomb into small squares and enjoy them when the desire arises. It is only important know the limits and do not overdo it with the amount of honey consumed.

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