How does the position of your legs reveal your personality?

How does the position of your legs reveal your personality?

Thanks to body language a person can recognize the thoughts, emotions and feelings that he is trying to hide. Even your favorite leg position can tell a lot about your character. Find out how to understand what kind of person he is by just looking at the position taken by the interlocutor.

Take a close look at 5 leg positionswhich are shown below. What sitting posture do you adopt most of the time? Select it and memorize the corresponding letter to familiarize yourself with the decoding.

What the position of the legs can reveal about a person

Pose A

Most often, this position of the legs can be found in not very sociable people. If you are used to sitting like this, then most likely you can be called an introvert. You don’t like meeting new people and being the center of attention. In your opinion, the best pastime is reading a book or watching a movie all alone.

Pose B

This posture indicates that you have very strong leadership inclinations. You are a self-confident person whose work always comes first. No obstacles can stop you on the way to your goal. You get what you want by any means. By your example, you manage to inspire the people around you to new achievements.

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Pose C

In most cases, do you take this position? It speaks of you as a person hovering in the clouds. You love to dream and dream. Therefore, you should look for yourself in the creative field. Painting, music, blogging, photography… Try your hand in this direction, and you will definitely be successful.

Pose D

This posture indicates that you are a rather pedantic person who should always have order (in relationships and at work). You don’t make decisions until you put everything in order in your head. Close people call you perfectionistand they do it for a reason. You also have straightforwardness and sincerity. Some people may take this as rudeness. But you tell people the cruel truth not out of a desire to offend them, but because you are characterized by maximum honesty.

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Pose E

If you tend to take this position most of the time, then you should try to open up more to people. Try to get out of your cocoon and get out of your comfort zone. After all excessive isolation prevents you from living to the fullest and taking from each day to the maximum.

If you wish, read not only the decoding of your posture, but also the rest. So you can find out what kind of character a person has, even before you meet. To do this, you just need to look at the pose that he took.

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