How to choose quality sprats: recommendations

How to choose quality sprats: recommendations

In the canned fish department you can see simply countless products. And how not to make a mistake in choosing if a high price is not an indicator of quality? In order not to waste money, you should approach the purchase of canned food responsibly. How to choose quality sprats in the store, read our material.

Buyer must pay attention for 3 important things at the time of purchasing canned fish. Only they can tell you which jar contains very tasty and large sprats, with which you can make fantastic sandwiches.

How to choose quality sprats: 3 main nuances

Study the type of raw material

The first thing you should look at when holding canned food in your hand is what raw materials it is made from. If the manufacturer has indicated that the fish was frozen before starting smoking, such canned food is not the best choice. We advise you to give preference to those sprats that are made from fresh fish.

Read the ingredients

The second thing you need to pay attention to is the composition of the canned food. It should include only 3 ingredients: fish, oil and salt. This composition indicates the high quality of the product. If you see that the manufacturer has added dyes and preservatives to canned food, refuse to purchase them. The use of fragrances is another reason not to buy the product. It indicates that the fish was not smoked using the classical method. Its taste was created using liquid smoke.

Read the labeling

The most popular sprats are made from Baltic sprat. They are also prepared from herring (this option is more budget-friendly). If you want to buy super high-quality canned food, study the labeling. If there is one on the bank “Extra” label, which means that sprats are made from Baltic fish, which is rich in fats and vitamins. Such a jar will be marked “534”.

Keeping these nuances in mind, you will be able to buy the most delicious sprats. And the fish will not fall apart the first time you try to take it out of the jar. By the way, before eating sprats, it is better to check their quality again. If the oil is cloudy, it means you made a mistake with your purchase and chose fish that was not smoked, but processed using liquid smoke. Previously, our editors told you how to buy delicious herring in the store.

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