How to choose the right bra size and shape

How to choose the right bra size and shape

Every woman wonders from time to time how to choose the right bra and what parameters to pay special attention to. After all breast size can change throughout life. Actually, like the form. Such changes are influenced by many factors: pregnancy, feeding a child, hormonal disruptions, sudden weight loss or, conversely, weight gain. So underwear manufacturers came up with a special dimensional grid with the corresponding letters and numbers.

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However, women often ignore it, buying underwear that is not the right size – with small or, conversely, large cups, with a dangling or too tight belt. Altogether, this causes physical discomfortlooks unattractive and injurious to health. In the article below Edition “With Taste” will tell you how to accurately determine your size without wasting your money and time.

What to do if the bra belt constantly rises

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If the belt jumps up or gathers on the back with folds, you are 100% wrong with the measurements of the chest girth. There are several rules here: the bra belt should be located almost parallel to the floor, fit snugly, but not squeeze your chest. In the fitting room, make sure he was in the same position when moving the arms and torso, did not rise and did not slide. After all, if the belt does not maintain its original position, it supports the chest incorrectly, causing daily harm to your organs. You also need to choose the right size by the fastener: if it is higher than the shoulder blades, the bra is small for you, if it is much lower, it is large. Ideally, if it will be exactly under the shoulder blades.

Straps and bones dig into the skin

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Pay attention to the fact that the bones and straps do not dig into your skin. These parts of the bra are important, but serve as an auxiliary function to support the breasts. Underwires and straps must fit close enough to the bodybut do not crush it, and even more so do not cut into the skin.

Breast falls out of the cup

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The bra cup should not pull your breasts in half. Since the chest should not fall out of it. If, standing sideways, you can see where the upper chest begins and where the cup itself ends, you need a larger bra. Remember for comfortable wear the chest in the cup should not stick out, but lie down. If, on the contrary, there is space in the bowls, look for a smaller size.

How to determine the correct bra size

  1. First, measure the circumference under the bust.
  2. Match the girth and size. For example, 63–67 cm is the 65th size, 68–72 is the 70th, 73–77 is the 75th. Each additional 4 cm in girth is plus 1 size.
  3. Measure the circumference of the bust at the most protruding points. Subtract the “girth under the bust” from the obtained value. For example, the girth under the bust is 75, by points – 98. The difference is 23. Correlate the difference and the fullness of the cup.
  4. Cup fullness and difference

    A = 12–14
    B = 14–16
    C =16–18
    D = 18–20
    E = 20–22
    F = 22–24
    G = 24–26
    H = 26–28
    I = 28–30
    J = 30–32

  5. Add up the resulting values. If the circumference is 95, and the cup is C, then it turns out that the size that suits you is 95C. Everything is simple!

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As you may have noticed, on any bra belt there are from 2 or 5 rows of hooks. Try on underwear to the very end. Indeed, after a while, absolutely any belt tends to stretch (from washing or constant wear). And, when the volume becomes larger, you can simply fasten the bra on the hook further, saving your finances. But how to strengthen nails with tangerine tinctureread here.

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