How to cook juicy chicken fillet: tips from Klopotenko

How to cook juicy chicken fillet: tips from Klopotenko

Boiled chicken fillet turns out so dry that it is even difficult to chew it? This is a common problem faced by most housewives (even quite experienced ones). All because in this part of the carcass no fat at all. Thanks to Evgeny Klopotenko, the famous chef, for telling me how to cook juicy chicken fillet.

Memorize all the subtleties of cooking meat shared by this culinary magician. Sticking to everyone chicken cooking rules, you will get the juiciest and most delicious fillet. Guaranteed!

How to cook juicy chicken fillet: the main nuances

Subtleties of cooking

Yevgeny Klopotenko believes that this part of the chicken does not need to be cooked whole. The fillet consists of a large and a small part. It is on them that this piece of meat should be cut. Then take a saucepan or a small saucepan. Place the fillet in the dish of your choice. Fill it with 1.5 liters of clean water, which must be cold. After the liquid completely covers the meat, the pan can be sent to the stove by setting medium heat.

Then add a teaspoon of salt and the necessary spices to the water. Important! It is not necessary to cover the pot with a lid. As for water, the chicken must be placed in a cold liquid. Only then will the meat be juicy. After all, boiling water contributes to the destruction of the structure of the protein. And the fillet, due to the lack of gradual heating, turns out to be dry.

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Tricks while cooking

As soon as the water in which the chicken is cooked boils, detect 5 minutes. After this time, remove the meat from the pan. Cut it into pieces. A warm fillet cooked in this way will amaze you with its juiciness.

By the way, it is worth cooking meat exclusively with a basic set of spices that will not kill the taste of chicken. Use bay leaf and peppercorns (black or fragrant). You can also take a couple of garlic cloves and even a star anise. In this case, the fillet will turn out to be as fragrant as possible.

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Meat prepared according to the chef’s recommendations can be eaten as an independent dish or added to appetizers. Do warm salad with boiled chicken and sour cream dressing. You will definitely like its taste. Earlier, Yevgeny Klopotenko shared the three most successful chicken recipes. Be sure to save them.

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