How to freeze mushrooms for the winter: 3 ways

How to freeze mushrooms for the winter: 3 ways

All edible mushrooms collected during the summer and fall are ideal for freezing. After hunting them, you should immediately start harvesting them. How freeze mushrooms for the winter and do it right, read our article today.

In order not to buy only eternal champignons and oyster mushrooms in the store in the midst of cold weather, approach the process of creating preparations responsibly. If you have even the slightest doubt about edibility or as a mushroom, do not use it, but throw it away. This will help protect your health from possible negative consequences.

How to freeze mushrooms for the winter in three ways

Method No. 1

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Most often, housewives prepare mushrooms raw (whole). For this purpose, the freshest and most dense mushrooms are selected (preferably without broken legs or caps). First, they are cleaned of dirt and washed thoroughly. Then dry the mushrooms with paper towels. Since there is no need for excess moisture in the freezer to turn into ice.

Then young hard mushrooms that have been cleaned are laid out on a flat surface. In this form they are put in the freezer. After just a few hours, the mushrooms are taken out and poured into a container or plastic bag. Afterwards they are put into the freezer for further storage.

Method No. 2

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There is also another way to freeze these gifts of autumn. He assumes boiling mushrooms. First we wash them and cut them into slices or large pieces. Then place the mushrooms in boiling water. Cook them for 5 minutes. Place the mushrooms in a colander and wait until all the water has drained. Let the mushrooms cool completely. After this, place the mushrooms in zip-lock bags or in airtight containers. We put it in the freezer. This method of preparation is designed even for unsightly mushrooms that have broken. They are perfect for frying or stewing in sour cream.

Method No. 3

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Before putting mushrooms in the freezer, they can be fried. It’s quite simple! We wash the mushrooms. Let’s dry them. Then fry the mushrooms in a frying pan. Add just a little sunflower oil. Cook them for 20 minutes, remembering to stir. Fry until all the moisture has evaporated. Then let them cool. Place the fried mushrooms in plastic bags or containers. We put them in the freezer.

When storing mushrooms prepared in this way, remember an important rule. The temperature in the freezer should be 18 degrees below zero. Then the mushrooms will be stored perfectly up to 12 months. You can actively use them all year round, thereby giving your dishes an amazing aroma and taste!

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