How to grow a petunia with a ball

How to grow a petunia with a ball

Growing a petunia with a ball is not the easiest, but doable mission. To do this, you need to select a plant suitable type. It is worth remembering that a beautiful ball can be formed from a bush and cascading petunia, but not from an ampelous one.

Have you chosen the right variety? Great, you can move on to the next step. Familiarize yourself with all the nuances of growing this flower in the form of a ball, and you will have a delightfully beautiful plant. So what needs to be done for this?

The best way to grow a petunia with a ball: all the subtleties

Basic pinching rules

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In order to turn a petunia into a magnificent ball, it is worth pinch correctly. It is necessary to start removing growth points at a time when the flower still has very few stems (from five to seven). The upper part of the shoots (approximately 4 cm) should be cut off so that the side shoots begin to grow. This must be done regularly. Pinching should be repeated when the side shoots grow 10 cm in length. We continue to cut them periodically until we get a ball of the required size.

The main nuances of feeding

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Due to the fact that frequent pinching takes away a lot of strength from a petunia, you should not forget to feed it. In this case, new shoots will be healthy and strong. Top dressing for such a plant should consist of three essential components:

  • nitrogen, which will help in the formation of new leaves;
  • potassium, which will ensure good flowering of petunias;
  • phosphorus, with a lack of which the roots become weak, and the flowers become very lethargic.

We recommend purchasing ready-made fertilizers immediately in a specialized store. After all, it is quite difficult to calculate the correct proportions yourself. For feeding petunias, you can use both liquid and dry purchased fertilizers. They must be applied at least once every 7 days.

Required watering

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Petunia should receive a lot of sunlight, which will contribute to its accelerated growth and flowering. By the way, it’s worth watering not too often. After all, excessive watering can cause rotting of the roots of the plant.

Observe the above rules for growing petunias, and you will be able to form a large and pretty ball out of it, which will be densely strewn with bright flowers. What to do to make this plant bloom magnificently all summer, read in our previous material.

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