How to make clear chicken broth

How to make clear chicken broth

It would seem that what is so difficult about making broth? I poured water over the chicken and put it on the stove. In fact, cook clear brothwhich has a rich taste, not every housewife can enjoy.

Today we will tell you about culinary tricks, which is actively used by professional chefs. Remember them – and your broth will be as clear and aromatic as possible. We give a guarantee!

How to cook clear broth: 5 culinary tricks

Choose fresh chicken

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In order for the broth to have a beautiful and pure color, as well as a strong aroma, it is worth buying high-quality meat. You also need to remove excess fat and veins from the chicken. In this case, the broth will be transparent and will not have an unpleasant odor.

Be mindful of the water temperature

Meat and bones should be filled with cold water. Do not put them in boiling water, otherwise you will not achieve uniform heating temperature. As a result, the broth will not be clean. To prevent this, remember to use cold water.

Do not drain the first broth

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Many housewives drain the broth after the first boil because they want to achieve transparency. But they do it in vain. After all, the first broth has the maximum taste and aroma of chicken. Don’t drain it. After cooking, we recommend straining the broth using a sieve or cheesecloth, and you will get an excellent result.

Take off the foam cap

The foam that rises to the surface of the broth during cooking of the chicken should be removed. This should be done not with a slotted spoon, but with a spoon. This way there will be no white grains left in the broth, so it will definitely not turn out cloudy.

Use flavor additives correctly

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Are you going to serve the broth as an independent first course, rather than making soup from it later? Then we recommend adding spices using a special method. Place the spices and bay leaf in a cheesecloth bag. Place them in a saucepan. Before straining the broth, take out the bag of spices.

There are also two more tricks to make this first dish as appetizing as possible. While cooking the chicken, pour freshly squeezed water into the water. juice of half a lemon. It will lighten the color of the broth. You can also add it to the pan several ice cubes after cooking. Thanks to it, the broth will become more transparent. Don’t forget about all these subtleties, and you won’t have any difficulties preparing such a dish.

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