How to make minced chicken meatballs juicy

How to make minced chicken meatballs juicy

Delicious and satisfying for lunch or dinner – ruddy cutlets have taken one of the leading positions among home-cooked dishes. And this is not surprising, because almost all experienced housewives know this quick and easy recipe. However, if you want your cutlets to turn out really juicy, then you need to add special ingredients.

This is especially true if you prefer minced chicken cutlets, because they are very easy to overdry in a pan. Some cooks achieve softness with the help of vegetables. Others do it thanks to cereals. Below Edition “With Taste” tell which of the above methods is the most effective and how make cutlets ideal. Use on health!

How to make minced chicken cutlets juicy: 5 ways

Remember: put the cutlets exclusively in a well-heated pan, literally in boiling vegetable oil. It is very important that they form a crust, which will keep all the moisture inside.


In this case, it is better to use grated zucchini. In second place is fried onions. If there is no time for frying, you can simply grind it in a blender. But you should not add potatoes to chicken cutlets. It will only kill the taste of meat, spoiling the whole dish.


In addition to vegetables, you can add some cereals to chicken cutlets. For example, mango. It will perfectly retain moisture inside each product. However, it is important not to overdo it! For half a kilogram of minced meat, 2 tbsp is enough. l. of this ingredient. After kneading, let the finished minced meat brew for about an hour in the refrigerator. Only after that you can proceed to the direct frying of cutlets.

vegetable broth

In order to make the minced meat juicier, sometimes vegetable broth is added to it (in extreme cases – meat). Especially this method helps if the meat is not fat enough.


When sculpting cutlets for juiciness, you need to put a small piece of ice inside each cutlet. This is an easy and dietary way to make minced meat more juicy without overloading it with high-calorie ingredients.


The last way to make chicken cutlets juicier is to add melted butter. Some housewives freeze this product, and then rub it into the finished minced meat. In this case, the meat mass will be more elastic.

Do I need to add eggs to cutlets

When heated, the egg coagulates (coagulates), forming a protein network, which holds the meat mass together. But high-quality stuffing does not fall apart and keeps its shape perfectly on its own. Usually, eggs are added to cutlets only in public catering, since there, in addition to the meat component, there is still a lot of bread. Adding eggs to homemade cutlets is pointless. However, you can roll them in a beaten egg – this will create a good crust, which will keep future cutlets juicy.

How to bake meatballs in the oven

It is important to put the baking sheet with chicken cutlets into a well-heated oven. After that, cook the dish for about 15 minutes. After a while, pour a little water into the cutlets and bake them for another 10 minutes. 5 minutes before the end, you can sprinkle the dish with grated cheese. It certainly won’t be redundant!

On the Internet, a lot of recipes “walk” where sour cream is added to the cutlets. However, here you need to remember the following principle – everything in moderation. An excess of this product in cutlets will lead you to a runny consistency of minced meat. But to thicken it, you will have to use bread or other additives. All this, of course, will not affect the final taste of the finished dish for the better.

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