How to name a kitten: ideas, rules and prohibitions

How to name a kitten: ideas, rules and prohibitions

In the esoteric world, cats have a special honorable mission. These independent animals personify the very mystery, intuition and mysticism. Therefore, the nicknames that we give to our pets are of great importance. The name affects not only the fate of the animal, but also our life. Below Editorial “With Taste” will tell what to name a kittenso that only peace, love and harmony reign in the house.

You will also learn the main rules and prohibitions associated with animal names. After all, modern owners love to emphasize their own and their cat’s individuality with rather extravagant nicknames. For example, calling fluffies by human names or names of gods. Why you shouldn’t do this, read this article.

How to name a kitten

Important: avoid names that are too long, which are difficult to even pronounce the first time. Over time, your pet will get used to the nickname, but for your own convenience, choose something shorter and more memorable.

It is believed that cat names should have 2, maximum 3 syllables – this way the pet will quickly remember its nickname and begin to respond to it. It is better to have letters in the name “z”, “s” and “ts” – seals are sensitive to various whistling sounds, similar to the squeaking of rodents. You can also add to the name “r” and “m” – you will get something similar to a purr. If possible, avoid using sibilant letters – “zh”, “ch”, “sh” and “sch”. However, not all cats perceive hissing; for them it is a direct sign of aggression. Or balance out the hissing sounds with purring syllables.

How to come up with an original nickname for your pet

  1. First of all, take a closer look at the color of your kitten. What color is your fluffy? Red, black, white or smoky? Or maybe your cat is a tabby, a tortoiseshell, or a lucky calico? Not only the shade itself, but also associations with it help in choosing.

    Names for cats: Arabica, Squirrel, Pinky, Haze, Shadow, Sunny, Blanca, Lily, Foxy, Stripe, Brownie, Blackie, Zlata.

    Names for cats: Smoke, Orange, Ember, Fox, Gray, Dusk, Peach, Grizzly, Lotus, Apricot, Snow, Snowball, Tabby, Knight, Mandarin.

  2. If you adopted a purebred cat from a breeder, then most likely his name is already indicated in his passport. Moreover, your kitten and its sisters and brothers will have nicknames starting with the same letter. If the pet is purebred, but not a show one, you can safely come up with your own name for it. For example, nicknames of English origin are suitable for British cats, names associated with Asia are suitable for Siamese cats, but names associated with Egypt are suitable for Sphynx cats.

    Names for cats: Diana, Mimi, Bagheera, Iris, Sakura, India, Pixie, Lizzie, Alice, Lilo, Tiffany, Scarlett, Jamaica, Alaska, Paris, Malta.

    Names for cats: Felix, Harry, Siam, Oscar, Byron, Tao, Abu, Watson, Charlie, Simba, Yenisei, Kaiser, Wasabi, Izmir, Baikal.

  3. You can choose a name for the kitten, paying attention to its behavior and character. Everything matters: fluffiness, eye color, ear size, tail and paw length. Perhaps your pet is characterized by increased activity and a hooligan disposition, or, conversely, modesty and indecisiveness? Perhaps he is an exact copy of some character from his favorite book or movie?

    Names for cats: Tsunami, Ruffnut, Sonya, Cleopatra, Matilda, Scratchy, Cersei, Vorsinka, Button, Masyanya, Amelie, Marquise, Isolde, Naomi.
    Names for cats: Garfield, Rocky, Sloth, Tom, Goodwin, Fluff, Sporty, Hippopotamus, Simon, Albus, Basilio, Pirate, Houdini, Zorro, Leopold, Casper, Valli, Narcissus, Athos.

  4. Dishes and pranks

  5. The nickname can be the name of your favorite drink or dish. For example, beans, corn or caramel can “share” their name, but you should not treat your pet with these products. Homemade food for cats is not particularly healthy, and in some cases even dangerous.

    Names for cats: Sweetie, Tequila, Toffee, Valencia, Bounty, Caramel, Whiskey, Corn, Ice, Kitana, Ophelia, Toast, Beans, Daiquiri, Lingonberry.
    Names for cats: Waltz, Nesquik, Raisin, Candied fruit, Mocha, Zlatan, Basket, Messi, Coconut, Adidas, Zephyr, Mojito, Oxford, Baileys, Tiger, Biscuit.

  6. Try to remember interesting moments associated with choosing a kitten or its first hours in your home. Unexpected pranks or funny behavior of a pet can give you an idea for a future nickname.

    Names for cats: Foam, Vesta, Paint, Daisy, Astra, April, Nut, Christmas tree, Cinderella, Wednesday, Bead, Mint, Joy.
    Names for cats: Avatar, Space, Plinth, Yandex, Google, Ghost, Emerald, Christmas, Optimus, Smiley, Meteor, Celsius.

What not to call a kitten

It is no secret that cats are some kind of amulets of housing and conductors of energy. They know how to attract positive energy to themselves, driving away negative energy. Therefore, giving a name to your four-legged companion is a rather important and responsible process.

  • At the same time, there are certain names that, according to popular beliefs, attract only troubles and failures to the house. It is worth refraining from names that are associated with negativity and aggression. Eg, Damn, Lucifer or Demon. Such words attract bad vibrations, awakening uncontrollable aggression in the animal itself.
  • We do not recommend giving cats nicknames associated with death or illness: Cemetery, Fever or Hades. If your cat really smells of otherworldly powers, then choose something more or less cute. Chernysh, Mystic or Black – that’s it.
  • Avoid names that carry negative or ambiguous meanings. For example, Chaos, Kleptomaniac or Mess. Such nicknames will sooner or later attract failures and confusion into the life of the home owner.
  • And finally, you should not name a kitten after the names of negative historical figures. Eg, Lenin, Hitler, Stalin or Mussolini. This can harm the owner’s reputation and attract bad energy into the house.

It is important to remember that an animal’s name should be chosen not only by its sound, but also by its meaning. Don’t take this issue lightly. Also, according to church canons, it is not advisable to call cats by any human names. What do you think about this? Do you have a favorite fluffy and what is his name? Write in the comments.

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