How to plant garlic in the fall: all the nuances

How to plant garlic in the fall: all the nuances

All gardeners have one dream – a high-quality and generous harvest. If you are one of them, don’t miss the information on how to plant garlic in the fall. It is only important to take into account all the nuances of proper landing. And then you can grow garlic the size of an apple.

In order for the heads to be large, it is worth choosing the right planting material. For this purpose, our ancestors took female cloves garlic By what signs can they be identified?

How to plant garlic in the fall: key points

Proper processing

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Before you begin selecting cloves for planting, you should prepare the heads. They need to be disinfected. Process as follows:

  1. Take large heads of garlic. Clean them thoroughly. Do not disassemble the heads into cloves.
  2. Prepare a special solution. Dilute 2 furatsilin tablets in 1 liter of boiling water.
  3. Soak the garlic heads in the resulting solution. Leave them for 45 minutes.
  4. Dry the garlic, leaving the heads on a towel for 4 days. Then take them apart into cloves.

Selection of planting material

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According to experienced summer residents, it is female garlic cloves that are ideal for planting, since they produce very large, not small, garlic. How are they different from men’s? These teeth have a number of features:

  • lack of sharp and clear edges;
  • rounded shape (not elongated);
  • the presence of expansion in the bottom area and narrowing towards the apex.

Landing in the ground

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Plant garlic in pre-made furrows, the depth of which is approximately 20 cm (no more). These grooves should be 25 cm apart. You need to pour river sand into the bottom of the furrows, in a layer of 2 cm. Thanks to it, the garlic cloves will not come into contact with the soil, which will protect them from rot. Important! Don’t forget to mulch the soil. For this, it is best to take sawdust mixed with soil. A mulched area will help the garlic to withstand the winter cold well.

Large and juicy heads from your garden, grown from female cloves, will be an excellent addition to various dishes. With homemade garlic, you can fry crispy unsweetened croutons for tea, bake Greek chicken breast, or pickle carrots for the winter. All these dishes will have a delicious aroma!

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