How to propagate chrysanthemums in autumn

How to propagate chrysanthemums in autumn

My husband congratulated me on my professional holiday with a package of my favorite sweets and a whole armful of fiery red chrysanthemums. The flowers were so beautiful that I immediately wanted to plant them in the flowerbed. And it’s okay that it’s mid-autumn – frost is on the way. And it’s okay that this is a bouquet, and not fresh flowers in a pot. I know, how to propagate chrysanthemumseven if they have already stood in a vase for half a day.

According to experienced gardeners, the most reliable way to propagate chrysanthemums in the fall is using cuttings. Quite strong flowers grow from the stem. They grow resistant to frost and cold. I advise you to try to propagate chrysanthemums from cuttings. What you need to know for this and how to prepare the ground, read on!

When is the best time to take chrysanthemum cuttings?

Of course, chrysanthemums are propagated in nurseries at different times of the year. But experienced gardeners still prefer autumn. The best time to take chrysanthemum cuttings is late autumn. Then the plant is preparing to go dormant, but the ground is not yet frozen.

The optimal period for cutting chrysanthemums is September and the first half of October. This way the roots of the chrysanthemum will have enough time to get stronger before the arrival of winter.

How to prepare the soil for planting chrysanthemum cuttings

For successful cuttings of chrysanthemums, choose light and well-drained soil. To improve its acidity (and it should be low for chrysanthemums), add slaked lime, crushed chalk or dolomite flour to the soil.

For the soil composition, if you plant chrysanthemum in a cup, you need to take peat, forest soil with sand or perlite.

How to propagate chrysanthemums using cuttings

First of all, you need to decide on the cuttings. Choose healthy, semi-ripe shoots with well-developed buds. If you decide to take cuttings in October, prepare longer cuttings, from 8 cm to 15 cm. If later, up to 6 cm long. Shoots with 2-3 internodes and 3-4 leaves are suitable for cuttings. There should be no woody tissue on the leg.

Instructions for preparing cuttings for planting:

  • Cut long shoots up to 15 cm, using the middle part of the shoot. Make the cut above the bud oblique, and above the bud – straight. Cut the leaves at the top to half, and remove the bottom ones.
  • Leave the shoots overnight in fertilizer or growth stimulant. This will promote root formation and increase the chances of successful cuttings.
  • Insert the cuttings into the prepared soil to a depth of about 5 cm. You will see the first roots within a few weeks. And in a month the shoot rudiment will be formed.
  • Water the cuttings regularly to keep the soil moist. Use film or glass to create a greenhouse effect and provide warmth and humidity for the cuttings. After a few weeks, when the roots have sufficient system, you can remove the shelter.

Is it possible to cut chrysanthemums from a bouquet?

Cutting a chrysanthemum from a bouquet is no more difficult than cutting a flower from a flowerbed. If you want to experiment, follow the instructions above. The only thing is to carefully examine the stems for their viability. Shoots for cuttings should be elastic and green, with hard leaves. If you kept the bouquet in a warm room for a long time, it may not be suitable for cuttings.

Proper cutting of chrysanthemums, whether from a flowerbed or a bouquet, requires care and patience. By following the steps above, you increase the chances of successfully propagating your favorite flower and getting a beautiful plant for your garden in the spring.

Do you like chrysanthemums? Share: what colors and varieties are your favorite? We’ll be glad to hear about your experience and, of course, we wish you good luck with your cuttings.

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