How to properly clean the kitchen

How to properly clean the kitchen

Once you start to imagine how long it will take kitchen cleaning, the desire to start it completely disappears. To prevent this process from causing so many negative thoughts, it is worth introducing your own system of putting things in order in the house in the area where food is prepared. Then you can clean the kitchen in a minimum amount of time. Fast and high quality!

We share with you a list consisting of 9 dirtiest places in the kitchen, the cleanliness of which is poor even among ideal housewives. By remembering them, you will do yourself a big favor. After all, if you keep all the places listed below clean, which is not difficult, general cleaning in the kitchen will not take you the whole day.

How to properly clean the kitchen: 9 steps

Buttons and knobs

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Almost every appliance located in the kitchen has a button or touch panel that turns it on. The stove, oven and microwave have handles. It is these details that we touch every day in the kitchen, wanting to turn on or open this or that appliance. That’s why they get salty very quickly. Wipe them with disinfectant wipes after use to prevent dirt from accumulating on them.


This is a place where we not only cook, but we can also put our keys or wallet when we come back with purchases from the store. To avoid the accumulation of bacteria and germs on the countertop, it should be wiped regularly.


After washing dirty dishes, bacteria remain in the sink. This is why the kitchen sink needs daily disinfection. Use a sink cleaner for this purpose, which will kill germs.

Cutting board

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A cutting board is an indispensable item in the kitchen that is used every day. To prevent germs from accumulating on it, it is worth remembering not only about washing it, but about one more detail. The cutting board should not be left to dry on its own. After you have washed this kitchen item, wipe it dry. After all, a warm, humid environment is the best condition for bacteria to multiply.

Small household appliances

Wanting to make ourselves a delicious hot drink, we use a coffee maker. When you want homemade cutlets, we take out a meat grinder. To grind food we need a blender. As a result, these appliances become dirty and require extensive cleaning. Simply rinsing them is not enough. You should disassemble the devices and wash all components. Wipe them thoroughly and only then put the meat grinder or blender back on the shelf.

Sponges and rags

After wiping surfaces and washing dishes with rags and sponges, you should think about the cleanliness of the latter. After all, they do not have a self-cleaning function. Sponges should be washed thoroughly with hot water after each use. Kitchen towels and rags should be washed regularly.


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Even at low temperatures, harmful bacteria can develop, which is what happens in the refrigerator if it is not cleaned regularly. At least once a week, take out all the drawers and wipe down the shelves. This will help prevent yeast and mold from growing in your refrigerator. This way you will protect the products you store in it.

Salt and pepper shaker

When preparing savory dishes, it is impossible to do without using pepper and salt. After all, these spices are added to almost all dishes. Sometimes we take the pepper shaker and salt shaker with greasy hands. That’s why dirt remains on them. Remember that these spice containers require daily wiping with disinfectant wipes.

Reusable food containers

Those who take home-cooked lunches with them to work or give their children home-cooked snacks to school know how important it is to wash containers regularly with hot water and a special cleaner. They should be cleaned of dirt immediately after use or upon arrival to the apartment. Do not leave them overnight with leftover food. If the containers are closed, it is very easy to forget about them, and then you will have to remove the mold that has appeared inside, which is not a pleasant process.

Regular cleaning of these areas in the kitchen will help you maintain perfect cleanliness. Bring these simple actions to automaticity, and putting things in order in this part of the house will no longer scare you.

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