How to quickly boil potatoes. Useful lifehacks

How to quickly boil potatoes. Useful lifehacks

Has it ever happened to you that you were already in the mood for a quick lunch or dinner, and then remembered that it would take plus 30-40 minutes for the potatoes? If you have more than once found yourself in a situation where you need to save time as much as possible, then a few ideas on how to quickly boil potatoes will be very helpful. Nothing complicated, just use some life hacks or use kitchen appliances. But first things first.

How to speed up the process of cooking potatoes

First, let’s briefly look at the simplest ideas that will help reduce cooking time by 5-10 minutes.

Lifehack 1: Pour boiling water over potatoes

Water can be brought to a boil in a separate pan while you peel the potatoes or in an electric kettle. Boiling water will not only speed up the boiling time, but will also help preserve vitamins, microelements and everything that boiled potatoes are good for. But the main thing is that it will definitely save 10 minutes.

Lifehack 2: Cook in a slow cooker

If you have a multicooker on hand, especially one with a pressure cooker function, be sure to entrust this process to it. Place the potatoes in a bowl, pour boiling water over them and cook on the “Soup” setting. You will definitely save 5 minutes, and about 5 more minutes, since you won’t have to monitor the process.

Steaming potatoes is also a good idea. Pour boiling water into the bowl, place the tray and turn on the “Steam” mode.

Lifehack 3: Use a plastic bag

This method is suitable for cooking in the microwave. It is better to take the bag that is intended for baking. Simply place the potatoes in a bag and cook for 7-10 minutes until soft.

We’ll talk about a few more options for how to quickly cook potatoes in the microwave a little later.

Lifehack 4: Pierce potatoes with toothpicks

This advice especially applies to cooking in its jacket, that is, in the peel. The washed potatoes need to be pierced in several places with a toothpick so that they boil and cook faster. Do not use a fork or knife; the punctures will be too large and the potatoes may be too watery.

Here are 4 simple ways to quickly cook potatoes if time is running out. Although you can use them every time you plan to cook potatoes, because it is really very convenient.

What to cook potatoes in: pan and technique

Kitchen gadgets have long earned the title of valuable assistants. Therefore, few people now manage without them. If you are also used to using technology, then we will look in more detail at how to quickly cook potatoes on the stove and more.

How to quickly cook potatoes in a saucepan

The simplest and most common method is cooking on the stove. But even this familiar method can be slightly improved to reduce cooking time by 10-15 minutes. So, pour boiling water over the potatoes and place on the stove. After boiling, add salt to taste and 30 grams of butter. When it melts, it forms a dense film on the surface of the water. Thanks to it, the potatoes will be ready faster than usual.

Cook potatoes in the microwave: a quick side dish in 5 minutes

A microwave is a lifesaver for everyone who has one in the kitchen. With its help, the process can actually be reduced by almost half. First, let’s look at how to quickly boil potatoes in their jackets. There are several important conditions here:

  • you need to choose small or medium potatoes;
  • it is necessary to select tubers of approximately the same size;
  • Be sure to make several punctures with a toothpick before cooking;
  • cook no more than 5-7 pieces at a time.

Place the washed potatoes in a microwave-safe bowl. Pour some water into the bottom. Cover with microwave lid and set to maximum power. The cooking time depends on the technology and the size of the tubers, but it’s worth checking after 5 minutes. If we boil jacket potatoes without water, the taste of the finished dish will vaguely resemble baked potatoes. So decide for yourself which method you prefer.

Separately, it is worth mentioning how to cook peeled potatoes. You can use the same method – put it on a plate and add a little water. But it’s best to salt the potatoes first and add spices. Another interesting option is to cook potatoes in oil in a bowl without water and under a closed lid. You can use both vegetable oil and melted butter. You can first cut the potatoes into medium pieces.

How to quickly cook potatoes in a slow cooker

To speed up the process, place the potatoes already chopped and seasoned into the bowl. And be sure to pour boiling water rather than cold water. A tightly closed lid will also save a couple of minutes. Since you can cook potatoes in a slow cooker using different modes and for different amounts of time (and it also depends on the size of the tubers), be guided by the features of your home appliances.

Technologies for preparing various dishes

It is worth replacing that for soups and side dishes, for example, it is better to use different methods of boiling potatoes. To ensure the result is perfect every time, let’s look at a few of the most popular dishes.

How to properly cook potatoes for salad

The most important thing to remember is that the potatoes must be firm. It is best to choose the right variety, one that is less starchy and will not overcook. The most traditional way to cook potatoes for okroshka and Olivier salad, for example, is in their jackets. Wash the potatoes thoroughly, cover with water and after boiling, be sure to add salt. Determine the degree of readiness with a toothpick, but it is important to remove the potatoes from the heat when they are still firm and cover with cold water. At this point, the potatoes continue to cook for a couple of minutes, but will no longer become excessively soft.

There is another option for quickly boiling potatoes for salad, but not every variety is suitable for it. Peel the potatoes, cut into small cubes and pour boiling water over them. Add salt and cook for 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally. The finished potatoes just need to cool and can be immediately added to the salad.

It’s also worth taking note of the idea of ​​how to cook Fry potatoes.


  • Potatoes – 4-5 pcs.;
  • Salt – 500 grams;
  • Water – 2 liters.

Bring the water to a boil, add salt and let it dissolve. Wash the potatoes thoroughly under running water. Place in a saucepan and cook over medium heat for 15-20 minutes (depending on the size of the tubers) until soft, stirring occasionally. Don’t be afraid, this amount of salt will not spoil the taste, on the contrary, it will make it amazing. If you think that traditional boiled potatoes in a salad are bland, be sure to try this method!

How to cook potatoes in soup

The technology for preparing first courses will be slightly different, because we always cook potatoes in pieces. If you are using pre-cooked broth, dip the pre-peeled and chopped potatoes into it; if not, pour boiling water over it. How to cut potatoes is a matter of taste. Some people prefer small cubes, others prefer sticks. The cooking time also depends on the size of the cut. On average, potatoes are cooked for no more than 10-15 minutes. You can choose any variety, it all depends on your taste preferences.

How to properly cook new potatoes

It would not be amiss to discuss this issue. Young potatoes most often do not need to be peeled; you just need to wash them thoroughly (you can use a stiff brush). Then place it in boiling salted water and cook over medium heat. Since young potatoes need to be cooked less than old ones, you can start checking their readiness after 10-12 minutes.

How to cook potatoes for mashed potatoes

This side dish is one of the most favorite not only among adults, but also among children. The ideal option is to boil the tubers whole or cut them in half. This way the puree will be less watery. As for the variety, it’s worth paying attention to those that boil quickly. Dense varieties will not only increase cooking time, but may also produce unpleasant grains in the finished dish.

Since you sometimes need to prepare mashed potatoes quickly, you can pre-cut the potatoes into small pieces. But it is better not to use this option too often.

Do you know unusual ways to cook potatoes? If you have original ideas, share them in the comments!

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