how to raise blood pressure without medication

how to raise blood pressure without medication

From my mother’s side, not only delicious recipes and good hair were passed on to me, but also constant low blood pressure. Grandmother, mother and I suffer from this feature. So everyone in our family knows how to increase blood pressure at home.

Low pressure – a symptom, although not as dangerous as hypertension, but still unpleasant. A pressure of 90 to 60 mm Hg is considered critical. Art. In this case, you need to call an ambulance. If you see that the pressure began to drop slightly, you can help yourself without an ambulance and medicines. I’m telling you how to raise low blood pressure.

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How to raise blood pressure at home: 6 ways

Coffee or tea

Strong coffee or well-brewed black tea can easily raise your blood pressure. But remember: if you drink these drinks regularly, the body gets used to them. In this case, coffee and tea will not be an effective method. dealing with low blood pressure.

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salty food

Foods high in salt are taboo for hypertensive patients. But for people with low blood pressure, such food can help. Eat a slice of pickled cucumber, pickled herring, or feta cheese. Both tasty and healthy! If there was nothing like this at home, a pinch of salt placed under the tongue will do.

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High and low blood pressure can be the result of a lack of water in the body. To cope with the disease, drink more fluids. The water balance will return to normal, and with it the indicators of the tonometer.

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tights and stockings

To increase the pressure, you need to reduce the volume of blood in the lower part of the body. Then this blood will raise the pressure in the vessels. To overcome low blood pressure thus, put on special compression stockings or tights.

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Correct posture

Raise the pressure maybe even the right posture. Sit up straight and cross one leg over the other. This pose helps fight low blood pressure, so it is strictly contraindicated for hypertensive patients.

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Warming up the brushes

Simple hand warm-up exercises can quickly raise blood pressure by restoring blood vessel tone. If you have a special carpal expander, practice for a few minutes.

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It is not necessary to stuff the body with pills and drops in order to raise the pressure. With frivolous episode of low blood pressure can be fought with improvised means. However, remember that you need to constantly monitor your indicators in order to know why your pressure may “jump”. Be sure to consult your doctor if you often feel unwell.

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