How to remove stains on kitchen towels: oven method

How to remove stains on kitchen towels: oven method

Every experienced housewife knows that removing oil stains from kitchen towels is not an easy task. But if you know about one trick, you can forever forget what washing and boiling are. Today Editorial “With Taste” will share, how to remove stains on kitchen towels using a baking sleeve.

And although this method seems unusual and even strange, it is very effective. In addition to the cellophane blank, you will also need a microwave, some powder or liquid laundry soap. Just believe me: the towels will become fresh and pleasant to the touch, and old greasy stains will disappear before your eyes.

How to remove stains on kitchen towels: life hack with a baking sleeve

There are different ways to wash kitchen towels from grease, stains and unpleasant odors. But few people have tried the baking bag life hack. Even professional cleaning specialists claim that this method is very effective and as simple as possible.

Our mothers and grandmothers are accustomed to washing kitchen towels using long-term boiling. First, they were placed in a soap solution, and then “boiled” for several hours over low heat. However, modern housewives should not spend so much time and effort on this.

So, pour hot water into the basin. It will be enough 1–1.5 liters. Dissolve liquid laundry soap or powder in it. Then dip dirty kitchen towels in it and leave for 5 minutes. Now squeeze them out of excess moisture and carefully place them in a baking bag.

Then you need to tighten the edges. Do not forget to leave a small hole so that there is an outlet for hot steam. Place the resulting product in the microwave, set the following mode – 600 W/5 minutes. After this time has passed, open the microwave door and leave the towels with the door open for a couple more minutes. Let it cool down properly. Next, remove the towels from the bag and rinse each one in warm water. Greasy and old stains disappear literally immediately.

Please note: there should be no more than 3 kitchen towels in one baking bag. If your products are terry, then only one will fit. The powder can be replaced with a dishwasher tablet. For one cycle you will need 1 tablet. And here, How are the icons on the labels deciphered?can be read here.

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