How to speed up mobile Internet: the best ways

How to speed up mobile Internet: the best ways

Many people actively use the mobile Internet both in their free time and at work. Some pupils and students also need it to quickly find information. But sometimes a very unpleasant moment comes – the Internet becomes very slow. It’s no secret that taking a long time to load the right site, message, or image makes us nervous. So that you can avoid unnecessary irritation, we tell you, how to speed up mobile internet using simple methods.

To use these life hacks, you no need to be a hacker. Basic knowledge of how to use a device such as a phone will help increase the speed of your mobile Internet. We share four of the most effective methods.

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Reliable ways to speed up mobile Internet

Method #1

To increase the speed of the Internet on the phone, sometimes it is enough just to clear the cache on the device. This little trick will allow you to save nerve cells. After all, after clearing the memory, you will speed up the download of all the necessary materials.

Method #2

Fans of leaving a large number of tabs open should now listen very carefully. Since the cause of a very slow mobile Internet can be extra programs. If you have them turned on in the background, it still affects the quality of the network. To increase the speed of the Internet, you just need to close all active applications that you are not using at the moment.

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Method #3

Do you have automatic app updates turned off? Fix the situation. Turn off this function and update the programs yourself if necessary. If this is not done, then due to the download of new information by applications, the speed of your mobile Internet will suffer greatly.

Method #4

Also, experts recommend resetting the network settings if necessary. Even not the most advanced user can do this. You need to go to “Settings” and then open “Mobile networks”. After that, you need to click on “Network Operator”, and then – on “Select automatically”. Then it remains only to turn off the settings and select the desired provider. Then reboot the device and enjoy the fast Internet.

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If you already have a stressful day, and because of the bad Internet, the necessary web pages hang, do not rush to throw your phone against the wall. Resort to using one of the methods described above (or all at once), and then the problem will disappear. With the help of these simple ways you will be able to turn your mobile Internet from a turtle into a cheetah.

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