How to store pumpkin: important recommendations

How to store pumpkin: important recommendations

Due to the fact that pumpkin is ideal for both children’s and dietary nutrition, it is grown in almost every garden. After all, what could be better than a homemade vegetable, the quality of which you are one hundred percent sure? And in order to get the maximum of vitamins and minerals contained in this fruit, you should know: how to store pumpkin in winter.

Then, even after the end of the season, you will have the opportunity to feast on this autumn vegetable, which contains rare vitamin T (carnitine). It helps burn fat and also improve metabolic processes in the body. Therefore, such a useful vegetable, which has many positive properties, should be preserved for as long as possible. What needs to be done for this?

How to store pumpkin: good tips

Preparing the vegetable

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To get the benefits of pumpkin all year round, pick it first. To do this, use fruits with damage (dents and the first signs of spoilage) for winter harvesting or prepare delicious dishes from them. If there is soil on the pumpkin, gently wash it off or scrape it off. Do not use detergents for this purpose. Since these products can damage the waxy film on the vegetable peel. As a result, the protective functions of the pumpkin will be disrupted.

Selecting a location

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The bright orange fruit should be stored in the cellar. The humidity in it should not exceed 80%. Great if the temperature in the cellar from 3 to 15 degrees above zero. It is also desirable that the room be ventilated (with ventilation).

The necessary conditions

  • Don’t store pumpkins on the ground. Shelves, racks or pallets are best suited for placing autumn fruits.
  • Place vegetables with their stems facing up and place them a short distance apart.
  • Store pumpkin in hay or straw. This will help prevent the onset of fruit spoilage.

An undamaged pumpkin that has a whole stalk and peel can last up to 8 months. You can achieve this result only if you comply with all the conditions for proper storage of this vegetable. If, while sorting through these bright fruits, you saw defects on some of them, then they should be used for healthy and appetizing preparations. We shared their step-by-step recipes earlier. Find out how to deliciously cover a pumpkin for the winter in three proven ways (for every taste).

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