How to store walnuts: little tricks

How to store walnuts: little tricks

By late autumn, most procurement work is already completed. Therefore, there is a lot of free time left to prepare the collected nuts for further storage. To prevent them from becoming damp and dry in winter, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances. So how to store walnuts and not let them deteriorate? The answer is in our material today.

According to experts, if all necessary storage conditions are met, nuts will not lose their beneficial properties. within one and a half to two years. Agree, this is quite a long time for a food product.

How to store walnuts: recommendations

Preparation of raw materials

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In order for the nuts to last as long as possible, they should be dry thoroughly. The fact is that fresh kernels contain quite a lot of moisture. Because of this, mold may form during storage of nuts and the product will begin to rot. To avoid this problem, spread the harvested crops outdoors (if the weather is warm). Dry the nuts outside all day, and in the evening bring them indoors and cover them with film or natural cloth. This drying process takes on average 2 weeks. If you have a very small amount of walnuts, you can use the oven for this purpose. Dry the product in it.

In a shell

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Unshelled nuts should be stored in a dark and pretty cool place, the temperature in which should be approximately 5–10 degrees above zero. There should not be high humidity in the room. Place the nuts in bags made of natural fabrics or in polymer nets, which are often used to store various fruits. You can also pour nuts into plastic or wooden boxes.

The place where this product is stored must be good ventilation. Therefore, you can place boxes filled with nuts on small wooden blocks. Or hang bags or nets with the product from the ceiling. This way you can provide it with maximum ventilation.


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Nuts that you have previously shelled and thoroughly dried can be stored in the freezer for longer than one year. During this time they will not lose their properties (both taste and nutrition). Place the thoroughly dried nut kernels in a container or glass container with an airtight lid or a zip-lock bag. Send them into the freezerclosing tightly.

These methods of storing nuts will help you enjoy such a healthy and tasty product for a long time. If you immediately weed out kernels with damaged shells and those with white or gray coating, no problems will arise. Quality nuts without damage can be stored in proper conditions for a very, very long time.

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