How to use nut shells: 5 ideas

How to use nut shells: 5 ideas

Throwing away walnut shells is a real crime! You can get incredible benefits from it. Knowing how to use correctly nut shell and whatever result it gives, you will no longer get rid of it.

We tell you about 5 main reasons, due to which this so-called waste should not be sent to the trash bin. We have collected the best ways to use nut shells in the country and at home.

Where and how to use nut shells

Plant nutrition

Walnut shells are often used as fertilizer for both indoor flowers and garden plants. Anyone can make it. Place the shells on the grill. Let’s set it on fire. Actively stir the shells to ensure they burn evenly. We get ash, which is rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, iron and sulfur. We use it in dry form during planting of crops and during the growth of indoor flowers.

High-quality drainage

Walnut shells are ideal natural drainage, which is suitable for open ground, greenhouses, and also for home flowers. The composition of such raw materials includes many useful substances. Also shell removes excess moisture. We place the halves with the voids facing down on the bottom of a flower pot or boxes intended for seedlings. We fill the container with soil and start growing plants.

Homemade decor

If you have been able to accumulate a large amount of shells, you can decorate your garden plot or rooms with it. This is great material for garden path design. We select large shells without defects and place them on garden paths with the convex side up. We compact them.

You can also use walnut shells to decorate vases and flower pots in a beautiful and original way. You just need to turn on your imagination. Grind the shells into large fragments. We glue them to the decorative element that we want to revive.

Mulching material

The shells that remain from walnuts contribute to preventing moisture evaporation. They also help stop the growth of weeds. Because of these properties, walnut shells can be used as a mulching material. We split the shells into small fragments, the size of which is no more than 0.5 cm. We lay them on the beds in a layer 5 cm thick.

Tincture for immunity

So that the body can better resist infections, you can prepare an effective remedy from nut shells. We take 100 g of this raw material. Wash the shells thoroughly and dry. We grind it. Transfer the shells to a glass jar. Fill it with 1 liter of 40% alcohol solution. Close the jar with a lid. Leave the mixture in a place where direct sunlight does not penetrate for 14 days. Shake it periodically. Then strain the tincture through gauze folded in several layers. We put it in the refrigerator for 10 days. After this time we use nut tincture once a day, diluting 1 tbsp. l. products in 50 ml of water.

It is worth remembering that the shell serves as an original decoration, an excellent mulching material, and high-quality drainage. You can also use it to strengthen your immune system and feed your plants. So many useful features! In the previous article, we shared interesting and well-worn ideas for crafts made from walnut shells. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with them.

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