How to Use Paper Towel Rolls

How to Use Paper Towel Rolls

Throwing away paper towel, foil and toilet paper rolls is a crime. After all, this item certainly cannot be classified as garbage. This is a very useful thing that skillful housewives used in everyday life in every possible way to make your life easier.

In today’s article we will talk about 5 most interesting methods using cardboard sleeves, which will definitely come in handy. After checking out these methods, you’ll stop running to the trash can as soon as you run out of paper towels or foil.

Where can you use paper towel rolls?

Method No. 1

Do you think that delivering the required document without a file and without creasing it is something unrealistic? Try using paper towel rolls, cling film or foil for this purpose. Place in them the papers that you need to take with you to work or on a business trip. Thanks to the robust bushing housing documents will remain in perfect condition (not jammed).

Method number 2

Cardboard rolls left over from paper towels can also be used. for storing clothes. It’s very easy to do. We cut the sleeve lengthwise and put it on the bottom bar of the hanger. Then we place the pants on it. This clever trick will prevent the appearance of an unsightly stripe on your trousers, which remains after the item hangs bent on a hanger.

Method number 3

As for toilet paper rolls, they can also be used in excellent household applications. With their help you will be able to make a beautiful replacement for plastic cups for seedlings. We make 4 cuts on the cardboard sleeve, 3 cm each. Then we fold the resulting “blades” towards the center. Ready!

Method number 4

If you have a lot of wires that lie in your nightstand and constantly get tangled, try this life hack with grommets. Thanks to it you will be able to improve and way to store garlands. Fold the wires lengthwise. They should not be larger than the bushing. And then place the folded wires into it. You can screw the end with the fork onto the bushing itself.

Method number 5

After knitting, do you still have yarn that you don’t want to twist into a ball? Use cardboard toilet paper rolls. Reel them in yarn and send it to storage. This way it will definitely not get tangled and will remain in perfect condition.

Use on the farm cardboard sleeveswhat is left over from paper towels and toilet paper is very clever. There is no need to get rid of such a useful thing that can help you out (more than once).

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