How to use paper towels: 10 ways

How to use paper towels: 10 ways

Today you can see in almost every kitchen roll of paper towels. And all because they are very easy to use. With paper towels, housewives can quickly wipe down surfaces or clean their hands before moving on to the next process. But this is far from the only way to use them. Our editors will tell you how else you can use paper towels at home.

Having become familiar with 10 ways to use them (not for its intended purpose), you will understand how much such a roll helps in everyday life. We advise you to run to the store for paper towels if you run out of them, so that you always have this lifesaver on hand.

How to use paper towels at home

As a tea strainer

You bought herbal tea, but didn’t have a strainer in the house? You won’t have to drink it with nasty bits of leaves. Pour the tea leaves into a cup, and then fill it with boiling water. When the tea has steeped, take a paper towel. Strain the hot drink through it. Ready!

To keep greens fresh

Do you like to stock your refrigerator with fresh herbs, but don’t like the fact that they spoil quickly? Using paper towels, you can prevent green onions, dill, and parsley from wilting quickly. Everything is elementary and simple! Wet paper towels with water. Then wrap lettuce, arugula, cilantro or any other greens in them. Next, place everything in a ziplock bag and put it in the refrigerator. This way you can extend the shelf life of the greens by several days.

To absorb excess fat

When frying zucchini pancakes, eggplant slices or pies, we recommend not to forget to use paper towels. Cover a plate with them in several layers. Only then place the fried foods on it. Paper towels will absorb excess oil. This will only take a couple of minutes.

To strain the broth

Do you love clear broth? To achieve a crystal clear color, use paper towels laid out in several layers on the bottom of the sieve. Make the broth clear by straining it.

To prolong the freshness of bread

To prevent bread from becoming stale and moldy for as long as possible, housewives put it in the refrigerator. But they make a big mistake by storing it in a plastic bag. Want to keep your loaf fresh? Wrap it in some paper towels and then place it in a bag. Only then can you put the bread in the refrigerator.

To remove excess moisture

To prepare crispy potatoes and meat with a golden brown crust, it is worth remembering an important nuance. Remove excess moisture from these foods. Go over them with paper towels, which will not leave lint on the food.

To keep vegetables fresh

Due to the fact that during the storage of vegetables, condensation appears on the inside of the plastic bag, the fruits begin to rot. Prevent the onset of their deterioration. For this purpose, take paper towels and wrap each vegetable (for example, beets or carrots) separately in them. Next, put them in a bag. Then the towels will absorb condensation, and the vegetables will remain dry.

For cleaning faucets

Don’t know how to quickly get rid of limescale stains on faucets? Arm yourself with paper towels. Apply a very small amount of cream to them (it should be quite thick). Wipe the faucets with towels until they shine.

Instead of a lid

When heating food in the microwave, you may encounter an unpleasant problem – strong splashes. To prevent food from staining the inside of the appliance, cover it with a paper towel. This way you will be able to heat up the dish and keep the microwave clean.

For glass shine

Tired of removing lint from a rag after wiping glasses, windows and mirrors? It’s better to use paper towels instead. They absorb moisture perfectly and do not leave any streaks.

In the previous article, we talked about how to use cardboard paper towel tubes at home. Once you run out of a roll, don’t throw it away and use it wisely (in one of the five working ways or all at once).

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