How to wash towels with vinegar and soda

How to wash towels with vinegar and soda

Did you know that you don’t have to use laundry detergent every time you wash your bath towels? Moreover, this is even prohibited if you do not want to make them hard and prickly. But how then can we restore purity to this delicate textile? This question is answered by cleaning expert and popular British blogger Anne Russell. In one of her live broadcasts she says, how to wash towels with vinegar and soda.

Is this method of washing hygienic? Certainly! Moreover, laundry detergent tends to accumulate, which is why sensitive people often experience an allergic reaction. Anne Russell says she only uses the powder to remove tough stains, and then only a very small amount. The towels can be washed well in regular water.

Why and how to wash towels with vinegar. Professional advice

In one of her last live broadcasts, Anne Russell covered the topic of washing terry towels without washing powder. In particular, she responded to a request from a subscriber who was interested in the advisability of using fabric softener, vinegar and baking soda.

“First of all, — the blogger answered, — If you wash any fabric that absorbs water well (be it a towel or a tablecloth), do not use a softener. He will not allow this to be done effectively.”.

Ann said that she avoids using laundry detergent not only because of a possible allergic reaction. According to her, after washing with the powder, towels feel “strange” to the touch, slightly scratchy and a little stiff. This shouldn’t happen.

Therefore, the expert uses washing powder only in emergency cases. And the rest of the time she washes bath towels with baking soda dissolved in regular warm water. As for vinegar, Ann noted that it can be used in place of fabric softener:

“This works because if there are minerals and a little hardness in the water, the vinegar helps dissipate them.”

Ann also shared an original way of drying towels. They need to be shaken and turned over from time to time. Then, she says, the fabric will remain soft and the fibers will open up.

I note that many commentators supported Ann Russell under her video. Housewives shared many years of experience using soda and vinegar to wash things (not just towels). What do you think about this method of washing? Share your opinion in the comments!

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