Ideal parents: what should be the attitude towards the life of children

Ideal parents: what should be the attitude towards the life of children / receipt

British scientists have identified the basic principles of what makes an ideal parent. The ideal parent is protective, nurturing, and aims to raise a self-confident and worthy person. Being a good parent is not an easy job, and requires finding a balance between friendliness and severity, excitement and care, love and liberation. The five rules for being an ideal parent include praise, consistency, focus on success, friendly communication, and faith. Trust in children and inclusive communication plays an important role in family relationships, and good parents are active, wise, and witty interlocutors that are there for their children at all times.

Ideal parents: what should be the attitude towards the life of children

A shoulder to cry on, a hope to cling to, a stern stare that leaves you numb, harsh remarks, uplifting faith and unconditional love all come together as one, we all know the word “parents”. It is important to note that not every parent is an exemplary mother or father.

There are also those who clearly underestimate themselves. This is evidenced by studies by British scientists who have deduced the basic principles of good parents. Today Edition “With Taste” offers to figure out what should be the attitude towards the life of children and how to raise a child so as not to inflict psychological trauma on him in adulthood.

Ideal parents: what are they

Mother and father are hawks that spread their wings to protect their children from all sorts of failures and problems, suffering and pain. Without sparing themselves, parents try to raise a worthy and self-confident person out of their child. This is a debt that no one can ever repay. After all, love for your children is limitless.

Being a good parent is not an easy job. Sometimes it seems harder than the mission of Sisyphus to push the stone to the top of the hill. Any careless statement or negligence in behavior can leave deep imprint in the life of a child. Therefore, it is important for modern parents to find the very balance between friendliness and severity, excitement and care, love and liberation. Earlier we wrote what every parent should know.

5 Rules for Ideal Parents

As they said in the old days: “God is not omnipresent, that’s why he created parents.” Ideally, every parent should combine a smart advisor, a strict teacher, and a reliable guide. Let’s figure out how to do it.


Praise is one of the most important components in raising a child. So leading psychologists, together with the journal The British Psychological Society, observed parental couples and their children for 28 days. Specialists daily recorded the number of laudatory statements addressed to each child, noting their behavior afterward.

Those children who were praised more than 5 times a day differed high stress resistance and calm disposition. In his works, the author of the experiment tirelessly insisted that a parent does not have to praise his child, but the result of this praise can exceed all our expectations. True, some psychologists specify that praise should always be fair and justified. Otherwise, it will cause considerable damage to the psyche in the future.


California scientists have found that any actions of parents directly affect the development of the brain of their children. This has been studied for 15 years, observing both laboratory rodents and human subjects. For normal development, the predictable and consistent behavior of mother and father turned out to be the determining condition for the child. For example, after hitting, a baby expects to be immediately comforted and hugged. If this does not happen at some point, the child then subsequently begins parts of the brain not functioning properlyresponsible for the emotional component. Having matured, such children run the risk of earning mental disorders or becoming addicted to psychoactive substances.

Focus on success

But Harvard experts have outlined the signs of parents who are able to raise a successful person from a child. To do this, psychologists turned to the parents of the most successful students for help. After analyzing the data on their aspects of upbringing, the experts came to the conclusion that it is not so difficult to raise a child aimed at success. Firstly, mom and dad should be included in the study from their child as much as possible. Secondly, parents need to become for their children “discoverers of everything new.” Visit different countries together, go to exhibitions and museums, and spend time in nature as often as possible.

friendly communication

It is extremely important to talk with the child on philosophical topics, as well as to demonstrate nobility and kindness by example. teach children respect others, protect the weak and help those in need. Notice what the child likes and gradually develop it. But without any violence! Try to become a “navigator” on the child’s life path, gently guiding him in the right direction.

Faith and trust

This is one of the main components of a truly healthy relationship between children and parents. No matter how difficult it may be for you, remember: you need to trust your children, and also believe in their dreams without a gram of doubt. Only exceptional faith in your child is able to develop adequate self-esteem, self-confidence and self-confidence in him. If children know that they believe and understand them at home, they unlikely to resort to any immoral actions. as you can see, trust in your children brings a number of benefits, and also strengthens relationships with parents until old age.

Live “included” communication plays an important role in family relationships in general. Parents need to be there for their children at all times. active, wise and witty interlocutors. Indeed, truly good mothers and fathers are far from being determined by refusals with reproaches. Even when disagreeing with your child’s demands, be calm and reasonable in order to express concern without a direct display of distrust. And here, how to become the one that no man will leaveread the next article.

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