Ikigai: the secrets of a happy life

Ikigai: the secrets of a happy life

The concept of happiness in different parts of the world is completely different from each other. Japanese Ikigai philosophy of well-being surprises people from many countries with its simplicity. Its essence lies in the ability to find joy in every day and enjoy everything we do. And this can be learned, you just need to know the secrets of a happy Japanese life.

Let’s understand basic principles of longevity. The book “Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life” will help us with this. It was created as a result of a survey of long-time Japanese residents who shared their wisdom.

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Secrets of a Happy Life: 10 Basic Principles of Ikigai

We’re not in a hurry

To truly hear your inner self and your own desires, you should sometimes stop and carefully look at the world around you and look inside yourself. Everyday haste will not allow you to do this.

Staying in shape

Sport is an important component of the elixir of longevity. Nobody talks about hours of training. Regular exercise in the morning or an evening walk, which should become a daily ritual, will help keep you in shape.

We don’t overeat

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Long-term Japanese deny themselves dessert or unhealthy snacks. Because they believe that this fleeting joy is not worth the damage it causes to the body. You need to adopt their wisdom and not fill your stomach.

Surround ourselves with good friends

Centenarians in Japan do not lead a reclusive lifestyle. They spend a lot of time meeting with friends or taking part in various friendly games. Live communication is an indispensable part of a happy life.

Keeping in touch with nature

You need to find time not only for friends, but also for walks (in the park, in public gardens or in the forest). This simple outdoor activity helps increase productivity, improve memory and lift your mood.

Living in the moment

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It is necessary to stop regretting what can no longer be corrected (about mistakes made). No one can change the past. Live for today, make the most of it and don’t be afraid of the future.

Don’t forget about gratitude

The Japanese practice gratitude. She is very effective. Every evening you should remember all the good things that you have or that happened. For this it is worth saying thank you, thereby expressing your gratitude.

We smile more often

Something as simple as smiling can lift your spirits and make you feel more fulfilled. Don’t hide your true emotions. Do you feel joy? Share it with others and smile.

Enjoy the little things

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Many Japanese who have lived over a hundred years admitted that they start their mornings with their family over a cup of their favorite tea. Such a seemingly small ritual helps to recharge your energy for the whole day and get a lot of positive emotions.

Secrets that were revealed to the authors of the book about ikigai by the Japanese who lived more than a hundred years and still leading an active lifestyle will help you feel more free and joyful. What points would you add to these 10 principles of happiness?

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