Interesting mindfulness test

Interesting mindfulness test

Have you become a little distracted and it is unusually difficult for you to concentrate on one thing? It’s time to take on the pumping of these skills. Pass interesting mindfulness testwhich will improve your concentration.

We recommend that you approach these tasks responsibly. Only then will you be able to increase your powers of observation. Study the pictures below to find different silhouettes.

An interesting test for attentiveness: 7 tasks

Tasks for observation

  1. Take a good look at the woman sitting on the office chair. She is writing something intently in her notebook. What silhouette of a woman is different from others?
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  2. Now in front of you is a cute couple of a cat and a dog that give “five” to each other. How is one silhouette of these animals fundamentally different from others? Name the extra pair.
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  3. In the third picture, you can see a fairy in a dress floating in the air. Take a close look at her pictures. What makes one of them stand out?
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  4. Now you can watch a rather touching picture: a man proposes to his beloved. Find the extra pair by carefully examining all the images.
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  5. The fifth picture shows a unicorn – the favorite fairy-tale hero of children. Look carefully at the silhouettes shown and say how one of them differs from the others.
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  6. In the next picture, there are a large number of outlines of a woman’s face. Study them well to name which image of a fragile girl is different from the rest.
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  7. Pay attention to the picture, which shows a lot of cats with a very expressive look. What silhouette of an animal is clearly superfluous here?
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What silhouettes were superfluous

  1. In order to find a different female silhouette, one had to look at the shoes. In the bottom row sits a girl wearing round-toed shoes. The rest of the drawings show shoes with a pointed toe.
  2. Note the pair of animals in the third row. She’s definitely redundant. After all, a dog does not have ears like other dogs. In addition, animals hold on to their paws, and do not give each other “five”.
  3. An extra silhouette of a fairy was also hidden in the second row. Take a good look at her wings. Found a difference? The underwing is much smaller than in other images.
  4. Look at the bottom row. The second silhouette on the right is different from the others. Since on it a man holds a ring behind his back. In other drawings, it can be seen that he has already made an offer to his beloved, because the jewel is located in front of him.
  5. The unicorn with honors had been hiding in the second row all this time. If you carefully study how its tail is drawn, you will quickly see that one element is missing.
  6. Take a closer look at the second female silhouette on the right, which is in the first row. Have you noticed what is the main difference between this girl? The correct answer is the absence of a curl.
  7. The cat, located in the second row, is an extra silhouette. This is because the gaze of this animal is not directed downwards, like the rest, but, on the contrary, upwards.

Did you find the search for extra silhouettes among the same outlines very simple? In this case, we suggest taking another test for attentiveness. Can you see all the animalswithout looking at the answers?

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