Interesting optical illusion with turtles

Interesting optical illusion with turtles

Regularly solving various types of puzzles, especially those aimed at finding objects, helps to train the ability to notice even the most seemingly insignificant details. With the development of this ability, an exciting optical illusion with turtles. Both adults and children can work on solving such an entertaining puzzle. It will be interesting for all age groups.

While solving this problem with images of animals, it is worth activating all your powers of observation, as well as quick wits. After all, in order to give the correct answer, you will have only exactly 15 seconds. To meet the allotted time, you will have to concentrate well. Otherwise, you will not be able to quickly solve the task. Good luck!

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Optical illusion with turtles: what is the essence of the task

How to solve the puzzle

The picture below shows a large number of turtles. But there are not only these animals in the picture. Among the many turtles, a snake lurked. She looks as inconspicuous as possible, but something still betrays her. Determine distinguishing feature snakes. Then it will take you a minimum amount of time to search for it.

Try to carefully look at the picture without missing a single detail in order to quickly find the hidden reptile. As noted earlier, only 15 seconds are allotted for this. Time has gone!

Where is the snake hiding in the picture

15 seconds have expired, and you still haven’t managed to find the snake? There is no need to despair. We advise you to continue the search, giving yourself a little more time this time. You will definitely be able to find a lurking reptile!

Correct answer. If the search for the snake still turned out to be very difficult, we tell you where the reptile was hiding. Look at the left edge of the bottom of the picture. It was there that there was a snake with a catchy distinguishing feature – the absence of a shell.

If it took you less time to solve this puzzle than it was allotted, congratulations! Had to spend almost a minute looking for a snake? In this case, we advise you to practice your powers of observation a little more. An interesting optical illusion with flamingos will help you with this. See if you can quickly find a dancer among the birds.

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