Jelly with sour cream

Jelly with sour cream


Cooking time:

3 hours 0 minutes

Jelly with sour cream is a light dessert for a great mood. The taste of the jelly is sweet and sour. Dried fruits, fresh strawberries or kiwi look great with white jelly with sour cream.

Description of preparation:

Jelly with sour cream can be an unusual dessert in its own right. You can also use this thick white jelly as a layer for a jelly cake. Jelly with sour cream made in a cake pan will look beautiful. An interesting solution is to serve sour cream jelly with fruit in portions. For example, in small gravy boats. You can also decorate jelly with sour cream with cream, berries or grated chocolate. For jelly sour cream, use the highest fat content, thick and always fresh. Adjust sweetness to your liking if desired.


  • Sour cream

    250 Gram (15-30%)

  • Sugar

    50 Gram

  • Gelatin

    13 Gram

  • Gelatin

    4 Art. spoons

  • Berries


Number of servings


Calorie content

200 kcal

Calorie content

Nutritional value per 100g.

How to make “Jelly with sour cream”

Prepare all the necessary ingredients to make jelly with sour cream.

Pour cold boiled milk over the gelatin and leave for 30 minutes to swell.

Place sour cream in a bowl and add sugar. Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved.

Dissolve the gelatin in a water bath, cool, pour into the sour cream and stir until smooth.

Pour the sour cream mixture into molds and refrigerate for 3-4 hours until set. Remove the jelly from the molds, decorate and serve.

Bon appetit!

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03.10.2013 17:44

I made it as a layer for a cake! Great! I think the dessert turns out delicious on its own,)

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