Khashlama with eggplants

Khashlama with eggplants

Description of preparation:

You won’t even need to invite anyone to the table; your family will come running to the aroma of such a dish! All you have to do is serve it with garlic sauce, sour cream or low-fat mayonnaise. Remember that lamb is only eaten hot!

Prepare the following ingredients. Wash the lamb, cut into portions and cut off the veins and membranes.

Place it in the cauldron in an even layer. There is no need to salt and pepper the meat at this stage.

Pour in the beer and place the container on the stove. Cover with a lid and bring the liquid in the cauldron to a boil. Then reduce the heat to minimum and boil the lamb for 1 hour. There is no need to add water, the meat will release its juice and stew in beer and its own juice.

Then peel the onion and rinse along with other vegetables in water. Peel the peppers, cut off the stems from the eggplants, and cut out the green cores from the tomatoes. Cut the onion into rings and place on the meat.

Cut the eggplants into rings and place on a layer of onions. Salt, pepper and add seasoning. You can complement the dish with other seasonings and spices.

Cut the bell pepper into large pieces and place it on the eggplant.

Then cut the tomatoes into slices and place in the last layer. Cover the container with a lid and simmer over medium heat for at least another half hour.

Do not add water, the vegetables will release juice and the lamb will be stewed in it, and the eggplants will be steamed. If desired, you can add fresh parsley or cilantro.

Place the finished khashlama with eggplants in deep plates or bowls and serve hot.

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