Leap year 2024: why it is dangerous and what needs to be done

Leap year 2024: why it is dangerous and what needs to be done

A leap year occurs once every four years. The Earth revolves around the Sun not in 365 days, but in 365 days, 5 hours, 46 minutes and 48 seconds. This time accumulates into additional days. In order for the astronomical and calendar years to coincide, we live on February 29 as an additional day. After talking with an astrologer, Editorial “With Taste” figured out what the new one will bring us Leap year 2024 and what is better to refuse, so as not to bring trouble upon yourself.

It is no secret that the particularly superstitious inhabitants of our planet do not expect anything good from this period. After all, there have long been many signs and beliefs according to which it is better to spend a leap year as calm and measured as possible. Next, we’ll tell you why this time is considered dangerous and what you should pay attention to first.

Leap year 2024: what not to do

The upcoming leap year is a multiple of four, like all previous ones (2012, 2014, 2016, 2020) and subsequent ones (2028, 2032, 2036, 2040). Many people believe that such periods are especially dangerous and threaten various troubles. Let’s figure it out.

  • Changing jobs is strictly prohibited. It is believed that in a new team a person will be haunted by work difficulties and financial instability.
  • It is better to plan the opening of a business for the current time or wait until 2025. Otherwise, there is a risk of going bankrupt.
  • It’s better not to buy a new house – you won’t find happiness in it. But if you can’t resist buying it, then let a cat into your home first. Let the animal be the first to enter the room and remove all negative energy.
  • In leap years, it is also not recommended to make repairs (even cosmetic ones) – any improvements will be short-lived.
  • Postpone travel to other countries until better times. Leap year is not a good time for such events.
  • In ancient times, wedding celebrations were also postponed to another period. It was believed that a marriage entered into during a leap year would be short-lived and unhappy.

If postponing the event for another year does not work, then there were the following rules:

  • The bride’s dress should be floor-length, or even better, with a long train.
  • On the way to the registry office, the bride and groom cannot look back.
  • If the bride is wearing gloves, it is better to take them off when putting on the ring.


Despite the endless number of superstitions, it is believed that children born in a leap year are endowed with a sharp mind and rare qualities of character. Leonardo da Vinci, Julius Caesar, Mark Zuckerberg, Isaac Levitan and David Copperfield were born during leap years. And if you were planning to have a child next year, then feel free to bring your plans to life. It is noteworthy that babies born on February 29 have always been considered blessed.

How to survive the leap year 2024

Psychologists say that most problems are exclusively in our heads. If you set yourself up correctly and think only about the good, then no leap year will become an obstacle to your achievements. And the Orthodox Church rejects any superstitions.

At the same time, astrologers say the following: during a leap year, negative energy increases significantly, therefore, many people’s well-being and health in general may deteriorate. Believe it or not is up to you. Below we tell you several ways to survive the next year easily and carefree.

  1. To protect yourself on an energetic level, burn the calendar page for February 29th. While doing this, say the following phrase: “Evil go away, disappear dashingly, help good, illuminate a clear path and a bright path for me.”. As a last resort, sketch this day with a pen.
  2. Wear a blessed cross and other amulets.
  3. Spend more time in nature and go to church. This way you will strengthen your protection against evil forces significantly.

We advise you to treat such signs calmly, carefully analyzing everything that happens. It is unlikely that you should reject a lucrative job offer out of fear that it will lead to trouble. It’s also not a good idea to refuse a marriage proposal to your loved one because you’re afraid of a leap year. As practice shows, non-superstitious people do not remember leap years as anything terrible.

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